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Today we are “on the road” to South Carolina for a different type of show. Different? Well, yes. It won’t be on your television but on your computer. As you know, tonight FOX News is sponsoring a debate among presidential hopefuls. The debate is in South Carolina and begins at 9 p.m. Eastern and you can watch it live on your television or live on FOXNews.com.

At "On the Record" we decided to have some fun tonight and do something a bit different. So we are doing a special half-hour show live on your computer — on FOXNews.com — from 8:30 p.m. Eastern until 9 p.m. (Then you can watch the debate live on our Web site.) Then we will come back after the debate at 10:30 for another 30-minute live show. We are curious what you think of the show. And, at this point, I am curious how it will turn out since this is the first time I am doing it.

Second, I have posted some behind-the-scene pics of some interviews we have recently taped and have not yet aired (click here to see the pics). The interviews are of Ozzy Osbourne and Miss Maryland (and no, they are not together. These are two separate interviews, although I am sure both Ozzy and Brittany would enjoy each other’s company. They both are gracious.)

As you know, 98 percent of the time our show is live, but from time to time we like to do a few taped interviews. The taped interviews allow us to do things differently than a live interview. But if given the choice of doing only live or only taped, I would pick live every time.

Now for some e-mails (and yes, they are randomly grabbed):

E-mail No. 1 (this e-mail is about Paris Hilton)

Hi Greta,
Not a rocket science problem. Let some other inmate serving a relatively minor offense have early release.
Charles "Chuck" Salzmann

E-mail No. 2

Dear Greta,
I can see how you are around animals that you love them very much. That is why I am appealing to you to please help the public become aware of the peril our horses are in because of the struggle we are having with our elected officials to vote the voice of the people. Many of our issues in this country have two sides. This is one that does not. Pro-horse slaughter is solely about money. Anti-horse slaughter is about love for horses. We actually have some of our people in office who are still voting to kill our horses for food despite the very loud message that most Americans are against it — women at that. Kay Bailey Hutchison from Texas is one. I would like you to get her up there and put some tough questions to her, as only you can do, and find out just what the devil is she thinking! I am not seeing this issue being aired with both sides duking it out. Americans need to be made aware of this horror our horses face. They need to know the numbers — 100,000 American horses a year slaughtered. Where are they all coming from? There is no right about this and it needs to be uncovered. Some news station in Ohio was brave enough to show visions of the horror of what the horse goes through to let Americans see for themselves. It is such a controversy yet it is kept so hidden. Why? There is nothing right about it — no argument for it that I can think of. Why won't more people from the media expose this? What is the fear? Please help the horses. I would make sure that was done if I was in your position. Thank you.
Very Sincerely Yours,
Teri Shaffer

E-mail No. 3

I think Paris Hilton should serve every day of her sentence. She is not above the law. This is showing are children that if you have money and notoriety it's okay for you to go out and drink, maybe kill somebody else. She needs to pay for what she did if she were from a poor "American" hard working class and the wrong color (Black, Red, Brown and Yellow). Her behind would have never seen the light of day the first time. Besides she was driving around last week after they told her she had 45 days, after her mother showed her natural behind in court. Oh yeah, who can go to any courtroom across America and haze the judge and get away with it. Do you think they bought the judge is it possible to buy the legal system in America. I am tired of Paris and other stars getting off for crimes that clearly would have landed other people who pay tax in the slammer. It's horrible she needs to go to jail just like Martha Stewart did she broke the law, after all "ignorance of the law is no excuse." Quit playing with my tax dollars send her to jail. America, wake up. The whole world's watching. America the leader of so-called "morality," wake the hell up. Paris Hilton to jail and if her mother objects, give her an adjoining cell. Supporter of MADD.
Yvonne Hambrick

E-mail No. 4

You are just a troublemaker. I hope you finally run into something that you can’t get around. You are so unfair until it should be a crime for you to show your faceeeeeee on TV. You knew Virgie was lying and you never tried to set the record straight. You knew about the money from her testimony in court. You know why Virgie didn’t have a relationship with Anna, and it wasn’t drugs. You’re a very piss-poor journalist. You don’t want the truth.
Edna Jackson

ANSWER: I think Edna likes me.

E-mail No. 5

Love your show. You're the only one I watch. I don't know how to get a hold of Mr. Ruby in Louisville, who asked O.J. to leave, but if you do, please send my congratulations to him for standing up to the creep. I so admire what he did. And if I ever get to Louisville, I will surely look up his restaurant. Keep up the good work Greta. You are the best.
Faithful watcher from Ohio
Pat Walker

E-mail No. 6

I am very shocked with your socially progressive support of Ms. Hilton; pampering the upper class on the taxpayers’ buck. I have never seen you treat a convicted criminal with such unwarranted pity!? Alan must have gotten to you.
Michael George
Seattle, WA

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