On July 4, Remember the Navy SEALs

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July 4during wartime is the best time of all to recognize the sacrifice of those who protect the freedoms we celebrate today. Every soldier, sailor, airman and Marine deserves our full support.

But on this July 4th, please say a special prayer for the Navy SEALs (search) out there. The SEALs are a branch of the Special Forces that take on some of the toughest assignments in warfare. I have to admit that I have a special place in my heart for the SEALs. An ex-SEAL helped convince my son to join the Marines (search). More importantly, he convinced my wife to accept that decision.

Well, last week a full team of Navy SEALS was lost while on a mission in Afghanistan. That's the first time that a full team of these super-warriors has ever been lost. While that news was devastating, we got some good news over the weekend that one member of a four-man SEAL team had been rescued in eastern Afghanistan (search).

While all SEAL missions are classified, the following bit of information came out among SEAL brothers about the mission that the four-man team had been on. This note pretty much sums up the attitude that makes the SEALs so good:

"At last transmission, the four-man team was trying to hold off about 100 unfriendlies (odds tilted slightly in the SEALs favor, but an annoyance nonetheless) ... The media has all but given them up for dead, but I understand that three rescue beacons are still active and mobile. In other words, they've been on the run since Tuesday. Hell of a way to spend the Fourth, but I know they'd have it no other way."

You gotta love those SEALs.

And that's the Observer.

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