Older Means Wiser

We still don't know who the next pope will be. But do you know the one thing I like? Virtually all the rumored candidates — which means nothing, I know — are all in their 70s. The couple of cardinals in their 60s are considered kids, too close in age to that other whipper-snapper John Paul II (search), when he became pope.

I say, good for these Catholic bosses. I just wish they'd spread their wisdom to other bosses.

These days if you're much over 50 and looking for a job, you don't have a prayer. Which means the folks who do a lot of praying, these cardinals, should be praying for the societies that don't do a lot of thinking.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against young people. But I don't think young people have anything against older people.

They know, like I know, there's something to be said of experience and character — tried, true and tested.

They know, like I know, that the most incredible among us, are those who've lived longer than the rest of us.

They've seen more, done more and been challenged more.

The Catholic Church is wise to see their wisdom. I just wish the rest of the world wised up to see their value.

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