Well the changes are coming fast and furious.

Secretary of State Colin Powell (search) certainly was a voice offering a differing opinion. Condoleezza Rice (search) is known for her closeness with the president, both personally and in philosophy. She will have to put people on her staff to play the part of devil's advocate. I hope she continues Secretary Powell's focus on Sudan (search). Last week journalists in hiding were able to positively document government forces attacking displaced persons in the makeshift camps. After beating many of them, the government soldiers mowed down the shacks that had been built for shelter. Officially in the past, the Sudanese government has blamed rebels who they say they have no control over. I don't see how they can wiggle out of blame for this one.

Where is the United Nations? Discussing the situation.

CIA (search) defections: Top agents and the former head of the unit tasked with hunting Bin Laden have quit. Micheal Scheuer complains that numerous opportunities to kill Bin Laden before 9/11 were missed. He warns an attack on America is most likely inevitable. As a mom that really frightens me. I've gotten the items recommended by Secretary Ridge... the duct tape, the plastic wrap, water jugs, food... but I still have a lot of questions. How do you react to different types of attacks such as a dirty bomb, or biological weapon? How quickly would a chemical weapon spread? What are the best gas masks? How fast would you have to put it on for it to do any good?

If you have had any questions about attacks -- how to prepare, where to go, etc. -- please e-mail me at: e.d.hill@foxnews.com. I'd like to find out what concerns most people.


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