A 24-year-old Ohio man is accused of raping a woman at a movie theater under cover of a bathroom break — then returning to watch the rest of the movie with his wife and kids, Fox8.com reported.

Samson Ojo allegedly followed a 21-year-old woman out of the movie to the bathroom and then forced her into an empty theater, where he is accused of raping her, the station reported.

Police say they caught Ojo partly with his wife's cooperation, since she became suspicious when her husband left the theater more than once.

Ojo is charged with rape and kidnapping.

"The thing that makes me the most sick about it, is that he went and sat back down like nothing had happened," the unnamed victim told Fox8.com in an exclusive interview.

Police also expressed their disgust.

"It's a very horrific crime, in my eyes," Ontario Police Chief Rodney Smith told the station.

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