Officer: Pig Farmer Pickton Wanted to Murder 75 Women

Accused serial killer Robert Pickton said he planned to commit one more murder before stopping at 50, take a break and then kill another 25, an undercover officer testified Tuesday.

Pickton, a pig farmer, also said a good way to get rid of bodies is with a meat rendering plant, the officer said.

The officer, who cannot be identified under a court order, had been placed in jail cell of Pickton, who is charged with 26 counts of murder. He is currently on trial for the first six charges.

The officer said he posed as a man facing attempted murder charges and gained Pickton's trust during their incarceration in February 2002.

"His only problem was he got sloppy at the end," the officer said Pickton told him.

He said Pickton bragged he had killed more people than Gary Ridgway, who pleaded guilty in 2003 to the murders of 48 prostitutes in the U.S. state of Washington.

Investigators have said they believed Pickton disposed of victims' bodies by feeding them to his pigs. After his arrest, the province issued a tainted-meat warning for meat from his farm.

When Pickton came back to his cell after 11 hours of interrogation by police, "he appeared very upbeat, more confident," the officer said.

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