Officer Details Hair-Raising Encounter With Missing Woman’s Husband

A conservation officer's gun-drawn encounter nearly a dozen years ago with Craig Stebic, the husband of missing Illinois mom Lisa Stebic, has moved part of the investigation into her disappearance to Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Michigan Conservation Officer Mike Holmes described the arrest of Joe Stebic and his son Craig, whose wife disappeared nearly a month ago amid a bitter divorce, for poaching deer in northern Michigan, reports.

“You can see he was trying to figure out what to do, but the look on his face told me it wasn't good,” Holmes said.

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“I think every police officer has individuals that they make contact with in their career that basically makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck, and whether it's the look or the cold stare or whatever, that's what I had for Craig,” Holmes said of the 1995 encounter.

After a few moments, the men submitted and were handcuffed. “They were real defiant,” Holmes said.

According to the police report from the Oct. 8, 1995 incident, fresh blood was discovered in the truck, but no animals were found. Police believe the two hid them in one of hundreds of mining pits that can be found in Iron County. Both were convicted.

Plainfield, Ill., police, meanwhile, found blood belonging to the missing mother two weeks ago in her husband's pickup truck. The blood evidence convinced a judge to issue a search warrant of the Stebics' home.

The search continues for the suburban mother of two, who last was seen April 30 at her Plainfield, Ill., home.

Shortly after her disappearance, Craig Stebic, 41, told the Chicago Tribune: "I can't see her leaving her kids. She's a good mother. She'd do anything for her kids."

Craig Stebic said he was working in the backyard and their young children were out when Lisa Stebic disappeared.