Of Mice and Men

These have not been a good couple of days for male mice.

Scientists have found a way for two female mice to make babies. No males needed.

I don't know how they did it, but this Japanese team that did do it says they did it without sperm of male chromosomes at all.

Male mice are reportedly despondent.

Female mice have dropped that "come hither" look and replaced it with attitude.

Male mice have long insisted they're better than a Petrie dish. The female mice aren't so sure. The Petrie dish doesn't leave a mess, they say. Or cheese crumbs on the floor.

Male mice insist they have their "persuasive powers." Female mice insist they're more like "Austin Powers."

But there will be no mojo for male mice. "Yeah, baby!" is now more like, "please, baby."

Mighty Mouse himself is re-thinking his "Here I come to save the day" thing, if chicks, or umm... female mice aren't buying it.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse are reportedly on the outs and seeing a counselor.

But Mickey is picking up after himself, remembering to put the toilet seat down and even shopping for flowers. He frequently reminds Minnie that she's still a babe, after all these years.

What's more, Mickey tells Minnie, despite his high-pitched voice, he remains a manly mouse and now one getting in touch with his softer side.

Minnie says that's about all Mickey will be touching.

Let's just the say the Disney folks are worried... very worried.

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