Ode to Traficant

As a reporter who loves the Hill

I most certainly will

miss the man from Ohio

who has always entertained us so.

He often wore those denim suits

which really matched his cowboy boots

His clothes, it's true, were rather odd;

His sense of fashion somewhat flawed.

His hair was topic of much chatter

a great gray nest of unknown matter

which sat upon his head at a tilt.

looked like something a bird had built.

But the man was magic on the floor

he took one minute -- not one second more

to say what was on his mind

and often he was not kind.

As he railed against the government

asking where the money went

and each day we listened -- our ears did cup

for the times he might exclaim ...

"Beam ...me ... up!"

Oh sure, he was rude

and often times crude.

His legal woes I must confess

were something of an ugly mess.

But I'll miss the man from Ohio.

He really gave us quite the show.

In a place that's often dull and grim

you need a guy like 'ol Jim

You need a guy to scream and holler

about how they spend your tax dollar.

You need a guy to yell and rant.

Yes I will miss you -- Jim Traficant.