Odds and Ends

Ahead for Monday's edition of “DaySide:” Tracking the "High Value Target" in Pakistan. Personally, I'm still leery of reports that it's Ayman al Zawahiri -- but that's just me. The old war correspondent in me (Lord, I sound like I'm a fossil) gets skeptical of these reports because when I was running around that part of the world, statements from local officials were notoriously inaccurate and often inflated. So we'll see.

On the domestic front, we're planning to cover this alleged murder plot by two third-grade boys and a fifth-grader. Third graders?! Apparently a girl in their class had teased them, so police say the boys brought a loaded gun to school in a plot to stab and shoot her. My God, what are we coming to?

By the way -- I can't believe how many of you e-mailed me about the Jon Voight interview. An avalanche! I tried to put your e-mails on the air this week, but we got too jammed with breaking news out of Pakistan and Iraq. So I'll read some of the Voight e-mails on Monday.

See you then.