Oct. 9, 2007: Your Grrrs

Now for your Grrrs:

Terese K. writes: I have a couple of new Grrrs that I haven't seen. Recently, I had to spend in excess of $500 to have my lawn repaired. We were going through a dry spell and had a watering ban in place for the area. Some moron decided to toss out a lit cigarette butt onto a dry area of the lawn which started a fire. Fortunately, it was only the lawn. Had I not been home, it may have spread to the house as we had dry high winds that particular afternoon. There is this little thing inside a car called an ash tray. A nice little invention. For those who smoke and routinely toss the still smoldering butts out of the window, think on the possibility of a fire.

The next one also deals with stuff coming out of car windows. I am tired of people using my lawn as an alternate trash can. Yes, I live on a main road with a lot of traffic, but I can't see the same people wanting me to drive by and toss dirty diapers, beer cans, glass bottles and any other myriad of trash-type items onto their lawns. Heads up, people: littering is illegal, there are fines if you get caught. Use a trash bag in the car or keep your trash until you can find the right spot to get rid of it ... and NOT out the window.

Eric H. writes: Just wanted to pass along what a great job you do breaking down and recapping the UFC fights. My friends and I have been watching MMA since TUF season 1. Anyway, keep up the great work, I’ll be clicking on Fox News Fight Game for your take!

I also keep up with other news as well, but it’s always fun to break away and watch two guys feed each other knuckle sandwiches!

Alex B writes: To every question the answer was the same, “I haven’t got a clue”. It speaks volumes to what a sad excuse we have become that anyone’s answer would be different. Live your own life, don’t live your life through someone else.

S LeJeune writes: Mike: For a man so involved in the media, you bring a voice of reason to it all. Your commentary was excellent and a scathing indictment on modern western culture. Keep up the sanity.

Mike Lewis writes: I've not always agreed with you but found your column about awards "spot on". Both you and Mr. Friedman rightly point out the irrelevancy of the R&R Hall of Fame. I was shocked to see the list of artists not yet inducted in light of this year's nominees. Puh-lease!! I was petitioning for Rush to be inducted but will retract my request - I do not want to spoil their legacy by having them included with the "artists" now being considered for induction.

Jim Martin writes: As always, an excellent job on your part. In regards to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, their inductees have always been at the very least laughable. The real joke will be 20 to 30 years from now when our current “artists” are nominated for this award. Hmmm…maybe Britney Spears? How about Limp Bizkit while we’re at it?!! And regarding the REAL artists you listed, I commend you on mentioning RUSH. They’ve been continuously pumping out quality material since 1974. They continuously tour, yet never ask for an award, or television accolades. That is the sound of a real talent. They’ve never needed a “comeback” tour or a “reunion” tour since it’s pretty much been the three of them since the beginning. As their vocalist, bassist, synthesizer and keyboard player (all at the same time, mind you) Geddy Lee has said, “Look, we’re just musicians. It’s not exactly a noble Endeavour.”

Brian E writes with a book recommendation: Hey Mike – I enjoy your column and read it regularly. In regards to your referencing Rush in your current column, have you read Neil Peart’s book, Ghost Rider? It chronicles his “healing road” (as he calls it), after losing his daughter (in a car accident) and his wife (to cancer, or as he calls it, a “broken heart”). It is beautifully written, and a “must read” for not only Rush fans, but anyone who appreciates fine writing and an inspirational autobiography.

Leslie T writes: You can certainly complain about commercials during football games, but who do you think pays for the shows to be broadcast FREE on network tv? Without sponsors, tv would be Nothing. I'm sick of people complaining about product placement as well. Who cares? It is not a big deal - people just need to get over it or, better yet, stop watching tv.

Rene writes: You are nuts if you think the Nobel Peace Prize means anything. After all Arafat and Jim Carter were both awarded the prize. In order to qualify you just have to hate America.

Angela Z from Ohio writes: Grrrrr - and how grrrr worthy is it that the incredible museum is in Cleveland but we cannot have the induction ceremonies?

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