Obama Was Overconfident on Health Care

On Wednesday President Obama addresses a joint session of Congress and you know it's going to be about some important stuff.

Oh wait, it's about health care.

For a moment I thought maybe we'd hear something about the economy, the War on Terror, Iraq, or the "Sex and the City" sequel.

But no, it's health care.

And that's because, with that single issue, President Obama stepped in it big time. And the White House isn't sure who to blame. But they're still blaming, anyway. So, just for fun, let's review the folks currently on the bad side of the White House:

There's those old people who showed up at the health care town halls and kicked ass, while I sat home and ate Funyons.

There's Rush Limbaugh, the "defacto" head of the Republican Party.

There are the tea party protesters, or "teabaggers" to the smirking, clueless media.

There's Dick Cheney and the CIA agents who tried to protect our country.

There's a certain cable network that I won't mention.

And there's you.

Now, none of these bad eggs are elected officials. None of them are "active" politicians. None of them get haircuts at the congressional barbershop. No, in a country where checks and balances have checked out, these are the Americans who stepped up to the plate.

Now, I know what the president is thinking: This wasn't supposed to be so hard. He's got both houses and the presidency. Health care should have sailed through.

But here's what happens when the media is behind you: You get ahead of yourself. You get overconfident.

And then someone had to step up and say, "Hold on there, pal." And that someone is America.

Didn't see that coming, did you?

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