Obama Throws Arizona Under the Bus

On Wednesday, Mexican President Felipe Calderon was at the White House where he bashed Arizona's new immigration law, calling it discriminatory to Mexicans. He said he wants "a border that will unite us instead of dividing us."

Sounds nice, but aren't borders — by definition — divisive? Isn't that the point?

But he said this in Spanish, which to me is kind of divisive. Nonetheless, our president gamely threw Arizona under the bus — no surprise, since that's what he does:


PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: We also discussed the new law in Arizona which is a misdirected effort, a misdirected expression of frustration over our broken immigration system, which has raised concerns in both our countries. Today, I want every American to know, my administration has devoted unprecedented resources in personnel and technology in securing our border. Illegal immigration is down, not up and we will continue to do what's necessary to secure our shared border.


All hail, modern American diplomacy. Earlier this week, one of our jackass diplomats groveled before the Chinese — who punish dissidents for sport — over our human rights violations. And then, of course, the United Nations — who allows misogynists, thugs and dictators to sit on commissions — claims Arizona violates international standards. I supposed if we started raping more, we'd fit the U.N. criteria.

And now Calderon comes here to tell us we discriminate, simply because we want what Mexico already has: a border.

It makes me wonder how he'd feel if I came to Mexico and condemned his Gestapo-like immigration laws. Like I've said before, anyone deported from Mexico who tries to return can be jailed for up to 10 years. And foreigners can be banned if they upset "the equilibrium of the national demographics," are judged harmful to "economic or national interests" or if "they are not physically or mentally healthy."

Now that's divisive. But no one cares because no one's trying to get into Mexico.

So instead of obsessing over our laws, Felipe should ask himself why his countrymen are dying, literally, to come here.

It's definitely not for the Mexican food — I've eaten at Chevy's.

And if you disagree with me you're a racist homophobe who's worse than Hitler.

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