I'm hardly one to be an apologist for bankers, but man, they can't seem to catch a break.

They get in trouble for making too many loans. Then get rescued for making too many loans. And now the president is bashing them because they're not making many loans.

They get called on the carpet for taking billions in taxpayer money; but ripped a new one when they have the audacity to return it.

I'm telling you, these guys are hardly saints. But you'd think, hearing the president, they're the only sinners.
No one says boo about what Barney Frank missed when he said Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were doing just fine — and they weren't. Or the congressional watchdogs watching all these guys insisted the system was working — and it wasn't.

So, banks are bashed for pushing the lending Washington pushed on them, as if they alone are to blame for the hell foisted on all of us.

The same president who gives himself a solid B+, because after all, none of this is his doing and all those bankers are failures, because apparently all of this is their doing.

Leaving aside the arrogance of that, do think about this: Let's say these greedy, bastard bankers do the president's bidding and start aggressively lending and get into trouble because they start aggressively lending. And they start aggressively losing money because they're aggressively lending to folks who aren't exactly aggressively repaying.

How do you think that'd go down with a president who'd sooner point his finger than simply look in the mirror? Because I have as yet to hear this president say once, just once: "I screwed up."

"This one I botched."

"I'm the fat cat who just missed this whole fat mess."

No, it's easier to create villains than solutions; to create fat cats than take the fat chance and admit you were wrong.

That would be presidential and that, Mr. President, clearly would not be you.

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