'Obama Girl' Tells Hillary Clinton to Back Off

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AMBER LEE ETTINGER, "OBAMA GIRL" (sung): Because I've got a crush on Obama


BILL HEMMER, CO-HOST: That was the old one. Time to let the air out. Barack Obama is getting helped from an old pal. Obama girl is back. Within this video, she is telling Hillary Clinton to leave her man alone. Want to hear?


ETTINGER (sung): Is there any chance you'll back off so he'll get the nomination. As I said back in June, before it was a cool thing to do. Now that he's on top, you ought to stop. So I'm back on YouTube, there's a good solution for you. Won't you step back, stop the attack. It's the right thing to do


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HEMMER: Superimposed there, and now she is live, Amber Lee Ettinger. Nice to see you.

ETTINGER: Thanks for having me.

HEMMER: Seven million hits for your last video. This thing might get two million before the week is out.

ETTINGER: I hope so.

HEMMER: Obama is going to win it, you're sort of kind of staying in it, the attacks are insane, they just help John McCain. Are you voting for Barack Obama?

ETTINGER: Yes, I am.

HEMMER: You are? You're a supporter?


HEMMER: OK. So the second video comes out. What does this do for his campaign?

ETTINGER: Oh, I think this is our seventh video, maybe. We've had a lot since. But this one is more kind of like, Hillary - she's kind of going after him. So Obama Girl had to do something about it.

HEMMER: Yes. Well, people stop you on the street and they say "Hey, that's Obama Girl."


HEMMER: Do they like you or does it depend on whether they're Clinton or McCain fans?

ETTINGER: Yes, I've gotten all positive feedback on the streets, but it is the E-mails that are sometimes negative. But I can't please everyone.

KELLY: Welcome to our club.

ETTINGER: Exactly.

MEGYN KELLY, CO-HOST: I have a serious question for you. What do you think of the whole Rev. Wright controversy? Is it going to make you - is it going to ruin your crush on Obama?

ETTINGER: It's not ruining my crush, no.

KELLY: It's not?

ETTINGER: It's definitely not.

KELLY: Not at all?

ETTINGER: I mean, I don't know. Like it really hasn't ruined the crush.

KELLY: Didn't waiver at all?

ETTINGER: It did. It did waiver for sure, like anything. We barely -- political -- we follow the headlines very closely. And that's why then we come out with videos, with our own little spin to it.

HEMMER: I think the video is clever.

ETTINGER: Thank you.

HEMMER: A lot of super impositions with different scenes we've seen in the campaign so far. And there you are in that bed at 3:00 a.m.

KELLY: Did the Hillary camp — did they reach out to you at all? Did they try to win you over at any point?


HEMMER: Oh, really. Do tell.


KELLY: She's got her own camp, I guess. She's going to have to find her own singer.

HEMMER: Amber, congratulations.

KELLY: Thanks for being here.

HEMMER: We're all going to be known for something, huh? Good luck on that, OK?

KELLY: Don't send her mean E-mails, only nice E-mails.

HEMMER: Amber Lee Ettinger. Thank you.

ETTINGER: Thank you.

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