It is a mystery to me why many Americans do not see that a world war could happen soon. If you go out on the street and ask people about the Iranian nuclear situation, you'll get a lot of blank stares. But this is off-the-chart important for you and your family.

On Thursday in Geneva, the USA and our allies spoke directly to the Iranian government. President Obama and other world leaders are insisting Iran stop its nuclear weapons program. But as we've reported, the mullahs do not seem to be afraid of economic sanctions and they continue to play games while working feverishly to get a nuclear weapon.

Once again, Stratfor.com is a great source of information and Thursday they said:

"Obama is now facing two crises in the Islamic world - Afghanistan and Iran - and by all indications he doesn't have a clear strategy on either. His advisers are good enough, and he is smart enough, to realize that simply continuing in the same direction on either issue will not be a recipe for success. Iran, Russia and the Taliban already view him as weak. Going to war with Iran would remove three million barrels per day of crude [oil] from the market and reverse the nascent economic recovery — not to mention reigniting conflict in Iraq."

So it is clear that the Iranians have a strong hand, but there is one bit of good news. Very quietly, a top Iranian diplomat, a guy named Mottaki, has slipped into Washington and it is assumed that he is speaking directly to the White House. Reports from Geneva say the USA and its allies have offered Iran a huge incentive to stop its nuclear weapons program. We don't yet know what the incentive is. But with the mullahs fighting unrest among their people, there is a reason for them to deal.

Of course, we are dealing with the devil, as Iran is a brutal country bent on causing destruction.

But President Obama doesn't really have much choice. He has to make some kind of deal with Iran. If he doesn't, there are only two choices: the world goes to war, or Iran becomes a nuclear power.

That is the stark reality.

And that's "The Memo."

Pinheads & Patriots

On Monday, FOX News will celebrate its 13th anniversary. Amazing. That's an awful lot of bloviating from me, your humble correspondent.

In the beginning we had just 17 million homes. Now the number is 98 million households in America, and you can see us in 40 countries around the world. We'd like to thank all our cable partners, including RCN which recently renewed its contract with FNC.

Anyone who carries FOX News is a patriot.

On the pinhead front, welcome back, Madonna:

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DAVID LETTERMAN, HOST, "THE LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN": You were married for eight years, right?

MADONNA, SINGER: Yes, the Bush years.

LETTERMAN: You spent the Bush years being married. All right. Fair enough.

MADONNA: It was a good time to be out of America.

LETTERMAN: And are there aspects of that that you miss being married, or do you think you'll ever be married again?

MADONNA: I think I'd rather get run over by a train.


Pinhead? You make the call.

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