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The Canadians are having an election and there's been a big hubbub about the United States again. The Canadians are all in a snit because the U.S. ambassador said, "Hey, don't use us as a political football in this campaign."

Well, you'd have thought America told the whole bunch of them it was now illegal to say "Eh?" and now this.

It's the Khadr boys again, Canada's full-service Al Qaeda family. Father kills Americans, sons kill Americans.

We — that is the United States — believe we have killed Khadr the elder, the father, in a gun battle with U.S. troops in Afghanistan after serving as Usama bin Laden's financial advisor and fund raiser.

We also wounded and paralyzed one of his three sons in the same battle. Still another was wounded after killing an American medic running in to treat his wounds at what the medic thought was the end of the battle. That lovely boy is still in Gitmo, with a hearing coming up next month.

The Khadrs have run back and forth from Afghanistan to Canada for years, collecting Canadian welfare, rent support and medical care to recover from their battle wounds. Canadians have not thrown them out of the country yet and probably never would. The third Khadr son is in custody in Canada, and the U.S. wants him shipped here for trial.

In a just released affidavit, this third Khadr son admitted involvement in a weapons acquisition scheme to kill Americans and the prime minister of Pakistan. This Khadr says he bought $20,000 worth of AK-47s, RPGs [rocket-propelled grenades], rockets and mortars.

He admitted to making about 60 land mines to be used against coalition forces, including Americans.

All this has come out in an extradition hearing in Canada as the U.S. tries to get him shipped here for trial.

His brother — the one who was released from Gitmo some time ago — expressed exasperation at the charges saying, "Hey, what do you expect? We were in a war zone?"

Here's the kicker: The reason this Khadr boy is up for extradition is that he was released from jail in Pakistan and was returned to Canada as a free man.

The Mounties arrested him at a bar in Toronto Saturday night, but only because of a warrant from the Americans.

As far as Canada was concerned, he was a free man. Free to stay in the bar, free to stay in Canada.

Build a wall on our border with Mexico? Sure. But don't forget Canada.

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