A New York City man won the Hall of Fame award at this year's International Whistlers Convention.

Steven Herbst got the Hall of Fame honor Saturday as a Louisiana man and a woman from Japan won grand champion awards.

Terry Rappold, 55, of Haraham, La., performed "Concerto in C-Minor Allegro" by Vivaldi. Kimiko Wakiyama, 34, of Sakuragaoka, Japan, performed "Fruhlingslieder."

The grand champion teen category was won by Takuma Gima, 19, of Osaka, Japan, performing "Turkish March" and by Emily Edwards 13, of Louisburg, performing "Irish Lullaby."

Phyllis Heil of Hickory and Tom Bryant of St. Petersburg, Fla., were named female and male whistling entertainers of the year.

More than 40 adults participated in the contest at Louisburg College, said Allen de Hart, who founded the convention in 1970.