Nurses Fired for Posting Pictures of Patient, Sex Toy Online

Two nurses from Wisconsin have been fired after being accused of posting pictures of a patient on the Internet.

The investigation started after an employee at Mercy Walworth Medical Center in Lake Geneva made an anonymous call to police, WISN 12 News reported. The employee reportedly told officials that one of the nurses took pictures of a patient with her cell phone and then posted them on her Facebook page.

"There were two nurses that independently took a picture each of an X-ray of a patient," Walworth County Sheriff Kurt Picknell told WISN 12 News.

The patient was admitted to the emergency room with an object lodged in his rectum. Police said the nurse explained that she and a co-worker snapped photos when they learned it was a sex device.

The nurse has since terminated her Facebook account. Police said this conduct does not appear to violate any state laws.

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