Number of Extremists Growing ... Not Only Abroad

Jihad (search) is rising on the streets of Europe.

This, according to a front-page story in the New York Times this week. In the London suburb of Luton, a small group of young Britons, whose parents emigrated from Pakistan after World War II, have turned against their families' new home.

They say they would like to see Prime Minister Tony Blair (search) dead or deposed and an Islamic flag hanging outside number 10 Downing St.

Some will dismiss this as extremist rhetoric by a small minority, but like cancer, which is best discovered and treated early, this disease is not only growing throughout Europe, but in our own country.

The Times reports that liberal laws in Britain make it difficult to strip these people of their citizenship and arrest or deport them.

It should be clear by now that extremists are becoming citizens of America and European countries in order to undermine us from within.

In Iraq we seem to be playing what Paul Harvey has called a "Pull Your Punches War." Our people are getting picked off while we refuse to do what must be done.

These fanatics think we have no stomach for death, while they admit they seek death. So, let's give them what they seek. These monsters must be rooted out wherever they are.

They are engaged in sedition, which used to be a crime before we started tolerating everything. If they became citizens under false pretense, their citizenship should be revoked, along with their lives or liberty.

ClearlyAl Qaeda's (search) plan is to invade, take over and force the west into submission. We didn't negotiate with our enemies six decades ago.

Roosevelt and Truman pledged total victory for us and unconditional surrender for the Germans and Japanese.

In Fallujah, the United States ought to declare a 48-hour notice: Either surrender or die. Innocents can leave or be killed. We should show them what submission looks like. But we'd better do it soon or they will be doing it to us.

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