November 19 & 20

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Here are just some of the stories we’re investigating:

Faux Fire Fiend: We’ll tell you about the bizarre story of Peter Braunstein, a New York City man wanted for allegedly posing as a firefighter and sexually assaulting a woman for 12 hours. The Halloween attack has left city women jittery as police continue their search for the fake fireman. Peter's father, Alberto Braunstein, joins the show.

Colorado Child Murder: The shocking case of a 6-year-old Colorado girl, missing since Monday, gets even more bizarre and police are now calling her father a “person of interest." Although she was only reported missing this week, was Aarone Thompson killed in her home over 18 months ago and her homicide kept a secret? We’ll track this developing story and speak with an investigator involved in the case.

Molly Bish: There may be a new development in the case of missing 16-year-old lifeguard Molly Bish, who disappeared in June 2000 and hasn’t been seen since. Investigators are looking at crimes dating back as far as 1988 to see if there's a connection to 49-year-old John Regan, a married father of three now facing his second kidnapping charge in just over a year. Molly’s father, John Bish, will be here.

Natalee Holloway Case: Jamie Skeeters explains how he tricked Deepak Kalpoe into having an interview and confessing to having sex with Natalee Holloway. If you’ve been following the Holloway story you do NOT want to miss this interview. Plus, Dave Holloway and Beth Holloway Twitty will be here with an update on their daughter's case.

Sierra Mountain Mystery: We’ll examine the case of a missing Nevada woman last seen in the Sierra Mountains late last summer. The case of Nita Mayo was recently assigned to the FBI as a case of a "missing person with suspicious circumstances." Nita’s son, Pete Mayo, will be here to talk about his mother’s mysterious disappearance.

Cruise Ship Caper: Have you seen Amy Bradley? The 23-year-old was last seen by her parents in her room on a cruise ship bound for Curacao. That was in March 1998. They have been searching for clues to her whereabouts ever since. Did she simply vanish on her own? Or was she assaulted, murdered, and thrown overboard? Don't miss our “Lineup” investigation.

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