Notes from the Campaign Trail...

Notes from the campaign trail, that is the subject of this evening's "Talking Points Memo."

As you know, “The Factor” doesn't endorse candidates, but I do want to  recommend that you avoid Dr. Betty Castor (search), who is running for the Senate in  Florida.  She is the woman who gave us a hard time during our  investigation of Sami Al-Arian (search).  Castor was the president of the University  of South Florida at the time.  Al-Arian was the instructor there.  We  investigated him.  She attacked us.  And then the FBI arrested Al-Arian.

So doing the math, there's no way on earth that Betty Castor should be elected to any office unless it's in Iran or some place. Also, it looks like Tom Daschle (search) will be defeated by John Thune (search) for a Senate seat from South Dakota. That is a good thing, as Daschle for decades has put  politics above the folks, obstructing good legislation because it came from the other party. We wish Mr. Thune the best.

OK, now on to the presidential polls today. If you can figure this out, you're smarter than "Talking Points." Rasmussen has Bush up two, FOX News has Kerry up two. Zogby, Bush up one.  Gallup has it a tie.

"The Wall Street Journal" has Bush up one, CBS Bush up three, the Tipp  poll Bush up two, and the O'Reilly radar is jammed. — I simply have no idea.

State by state, more confusion. In Florida, Zogby has Kerry up  by  one. Quinnipiac has Bush up eight. FOX, Kerry up by five.

In Ohio, Zogby Bush up by four.  Gallup, Kerry up by four.  But three  other polls have Bush up.  So Ohio may be shifting toward the president.

In Iowa, Zogby has Kerry up by six.  Fox has Bush up by four.

In New Mexico, Zogby has it a tie.  Mason-Dixon has Bush up by four.

In Pennsylvania, Zogby has Kerry up by five. Gallup has Bush up by  four.

In Wisconsin, Zogby has Kerry up by seven.  Gallup has Bush up by  eight.  Does this drive you crazy or what?

One more. In Minnesota, Zogby and Gallup both have Kerry leading.

And that's "The Memo."

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

Usama bin Laden's favorite filmmaker Michael Moore (search) says he will station camera people at polling places in Florida and Ohio.  Now we're sure Mr. Moore will be objective in what he's looking for, as that, of course, is his legacy.

For those of you not paying attention, I am just joshing!  Anyway, we have to fill this "Ridiculous" segment, so here's what Michael Moore said a few days ago.


MICHAEL MOORE, FILM PRODUCER:  We will be throughout the State of Florida. If anybody tries any shenanigans, we're going to have a big public spotlight on them. They will not get away with it this time.

Oh, wait.  What a — I think they just found the 60,000 ballots!


Once again, we'd like to thank Michael Moore for his participation in the "Most Ridiculous Item of the Day."

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