Not So Stupid Americans

Let me ask you something, do you think you're stupid?

The reason I ask is that I head a caller on a radio show blasting this whole private account thing on Social Security (search). He said Americans couldn't handle it, because they don't know anything about stocks and will only end up getting bamboozled.

And I'm thinking to myself, what an imbecile. The guy's all but saying, "Keep the stupid lemmings in the system they're in. They can't handle anything else."

Well, I'll tell you what: Those stupid Americans can handle wars and depressions. They can handle recessions and energy crises.

They handled those pretty well. I think they can handle their futures pretty well too.

They're canny enough to get retailers to budge when they want sales and they won't buy at all if they don't.

They're pretty smart when shopping for cars and I think they'd be pretty smart when shopping for investments.

They don't have to be experts. All they have to be is themselves.

They don't have to know individual stocks in America. They just have to take stock in America — maybe an index of stocks that mirrors the overall market.

They don't have to be a nation of market timers. They just need to be a nation that appreciates this market over time.

It's about choice. Something liberals love to brag about on other matters, but suddenly turn oddly defensive when it comes to financial matters.

Well, if it's good enough for our congressmen and senators to choose between retirement investments for themselves, then you don't have to be an Einstein to conclude it should be good enough for the people who put them there in the first place.

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