Not My Money?!

I love Gregg Hymowitz dearly, although I disagree with him on most every economic subject vehemently — particularly on this issue of "It's not your money."

It's a typical liberal lament: The money in the government is the government's, period.

The government's to spend. The government's to set priorities for.

Not your money. Not my money. Its money.

Its money to spend. Its money to appropriate. Its waste.

But who dictates when it wastes too much?

Or saves too little?

Don't get me wrong — many liberals are well-intentioned, kind-hearted souls. They see a mission in government doing more.

My mission is to see government do less.

Because the money the government spends comes off the sweat and equity of everyday folks who pay. And pay dearly.

This isn't a right or left issue. Republicans spend like crazy. Democrats spend like crazy.

Each side arguing they speak for us. And throughout, taking money — lots of money — from us.

When someone says, "It's not your money," you have every right to assume "It's not your government either."

Because when it forgets who pays the bills, we all end up paying — for its arrogance.

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