Not All Politicians Are Perverts

Eliot is just a Spitzer in the ocean.

There are plenty more like him.

Plenty more cads. Plenty more cheating. Plenty more doing probably, plenty worse.

That pretty much sums up the kind of coverage this whole Spitzer mess has gotten.

Many of us firmly believe he got caught. There are countless others who have not.

It's an understandable cynical view. After all, we have seen a lot of this stuff.

But that doesn't mean it's all this stuff.

I look at numbers. Then I look at how the media looks at numbers.

They focus on the one governor who was a doozy, as they should, but I see 49 others who are far.

Just like they bemoan the record five-plus percent of mortgages that are running late or outright foreclosing, and say not a word about the 95 percent that are not.

Obsess endlessly about the thousands who lost their jobs in the last couple of months, but say nothing of the millions upon millions more who got jobs over the last few years.

Look, life is not perfect. And I suspect I could be labeled naive.

But I don't think all politicians are perverts.

Some politicians are, some actors are, some homeowners are.

We do a huge disservice in this country when we start making sweeping generalities in this country, and about this country.

Because the sum of our parts is far more remarkable than the parts that are bad.

It is easy to get blindsided by a crisis and think we are going to hell.

It is encouraging to see how we handle that crisis that proves my very point.

We are not.

Just look at the numbers, all the numbers.

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