None Finishes Second in the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary in Nevada

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Lyn Dissing Bill
It's open season on California's Republican gubernatorial candidate Bill Simon. Simon's campaign once described Veteran GOP strategist Lyn Nofziger as a "senior adviser," but Nofziger says: No way. He calls Simon, "inept, weak and not very bright." As for Simon's chances against California Gov. Gray Davis? Nofziger told readers of his Web site, "Bet on Davis. Simon is too dumb to win and his senior consultant, Sal Russo, isn't much better." Here's the Simon campaign's response: "Obviously, these are unfortunate comments from somebody who doesn't know the candidate very well and hasn't spent any time with him at all. He attended one meeting, if that, and was never paid by the campaign."

Copy-Cat Vs. Copyright?
Meanwhile, E-Bay is considering taking legal action against the Simon campaign, which has created a parody Web site called "E-Gray." The site purports to describe ways in which Democratic Gov. Gray Davis sells favors and runs a "pay-to-play administration that favors those who make large political contributions." An E-Bay spokesman says E-Gray has the look and feel of the popular Web auction site. Meanwhile, Simon staffers say they have no plans for pulling the plug on E-Gray.  

Trying To Not Be Patriotic?
And last night we told you that University of California at Berkeley student leaders would not distribute red, white and blue ribbons to mark next week's 9/11 anniversary, and would hand out white ribbons instead. A campus paper quoted one of the organizers as saying they didn't want anything "too patriotic" or too "go U-S-A." School Chancellor Robert Berdahl has decided to provide some adult supervision. He says the school will hand out red, white and blue ribbons. He said student leaders had chosen white ribbons because they cost less than multicolored models. But several student leaders disagree. They say the student leaders didn't want to promote patriotism for fear that memorial would exclude some members of the campus community.

Only State Where "None" Is an Option
And finally, guess who finished second in Tuesday's Democratic gubernatorial primary in Nevada? If you answered "nobody," you're right. The state has a so-called turkey ballot, which lists "none of the candidates" as an option. State Sen. Joe Neal got just less than a third of the vote, while none of the above finished second, getting the nod on a quarter of all the ballots. Neal now faces Gov. Kenny Guinn in November. “It's just an embarrassing thing for candidates," Neal said afterward. "You're trying to make a difference and you have to look back and see if 'none' is going to beat you." No other state has such an option in statewide races, and attempts to get rid of it have failed.  "None" also had a respectable showing in the Republican governor's primary, finishing third with 6 percent of the vote.