No Surprises Please

Dear Viewers,

Friday night you are in for a real treat! I have the night off, but my colleague Greg Kelly (search) takes over.

I am sure you will love Greg — everyone does. In case you don't know much about Greg, here is a quick resume: Greg is former pilot (Marines), was an embed with the military during the war in Iraq — I am sure you remember his reports from the front lines — and the son of New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. This is his first time guest hosting, so I want all of you to watch!

It is too early in the day to know what the show will include — remember, this is a live show and we follow the news as it happens — but I do expect him to show Part II of our interview with Mike Gilbert, O.J. Simpson's sports agent. I will be back on Monday.

Thursday night's show was "uneventful" — meaning no technical surprises for me. A live TV show is like a flight on a plane, you want it to be "uneventful." I am surprised that few of you have written about our new graphics and music, which we launched about a week ago. In the past I had complaints about our music and now that we have changed it, I had expected comments. I am curious whether you like it.

As for Bernie Grimm's new beard and the stand off with the judge over the beard, I fear I may have gotten him into some hot water at the courthouse by writing about it. Apparently Gretawire is read down at the D.C. courthouse — including by those who dine in the judges' private dining room – ugh! I should be flattered the blog is read at the courthouse, but I also don't want Bernie in the lockup — I need him on the show. I am most hopeful that the judge about whom I wrote in Gretawire has a good sense of humor.

The stand off is apparently the buzz of the courthouse and even the U.S. Marshalls teased Bernie when he entered through security in the courthouse. Last night Ted Williams was teasing Bernie during commercial breaks — and yes, of course, I could not resist joining in — that Bernie will need a lawyer when he appears in front of that judge next Wednesday. I guess we should all "stay tuned."

Many of you have e-mailed me regarding problems voting on Gretapoll. We received this response from our Web team:

"Please let Greta -- and your readers -- that the issue will be addressed ASAP. Also, please tell your readers to write to directly so that we can work with them to troubleshoot."

We hope to have this resolved soon.


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