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I forgot to post one picture yesterday that I wanted to post. Hence it is posted today. It is a picture of some Texas A&M students who showed up at the Presidential Libary after our live Monday interview with former President George H. W. Bush. Apparently they watched the Monday interview with the former president and decided to walk over to the Bush Library after it was over. So check out the pic!

In the past few days I have been asked in e-mails about a few colleagues. I figure this is a good time to answer the questions: Catherine Herridge is still with FOX. She is on maternity leave having just had her second child. My guess is that she will be back on air within two months. Mother and son are well. Laurie Dhue is also still with FOX, but not currently assigned to FOX News Channel. She is now assigned to "Geraldo at Large," which is aired on FOX Broadcast. You need to check your local listings as to when the show airs since it is different in each part of the country. Incidentally, Laura Ingle is also assigned to the Geraldo show.

To those who asked, yes, we have more of Jack Hanna to show. I am not sure when we will air more, but we have lots of tape left. He brought us 39 animals and each is more fun to see than the next. By the way, I like animals and some reptiles, but that python last night was not my favorite. He (she?) was well behaved (did not eat any of us in the studio or squeeze us to death), but not exactly the one I wanted to take home. Jack did offer me the pot-bellied pig, since the pig is not an endangered species and I was tempted, but not sure my husband is ready for another animal in our house. My husband currently refers to our home as a zoo. I recently got him to agree to another pet and I think we are at our limit... or at least at his limit and I can understand his view. And yes, if I were not in TV, I would figure out a way to work with animals. When I practiced law and ran my own law firm, I brought my Springer Spaniel, now dead, to the office.

Now for some e-mails from you:

E-mail No. 1

Dear FOX,
I am sending this e-mail in the hopes that it will reach the right person if it already hasn't.
I am a 22-year-old Marine who has served one tour of duty in Iraq and will be honorably discharged from the Marine Corps on the 6th of February 2006. My father is 49 years old and has served his four years of duty and is now a contract civilian in Iraq. My mother and father have been apart for six months now and they still have quite a distance in front of them. Tomorrow my father will be arriving in Australia to reunite with my mother for 10 days of vacation. My parents have spent large amounts of money to make this happen and are now experiencing the usual, but somewhat cruel nature of the airline business.
My mother purchased her ticket well over a month ago and was assured by United Airlines that she was in good hands and the only reasons for something changing were the obvious ones (i.e. weather, terrorist acts, etc.) She arrived at the airlines today to have her flight cancelled due to the weather. The clerk at the desk changed her ticket to arrive in Australia on Friday the 27th still as planned but "forgot" to mention the flight will now arrive in Australia on Saturday the 28th. My mother then pleaded with the airlines to please do anything they can to get her in Australia but they informed her that nothing can be done seeing as how "they would lose money."
As you know the airlines are multi-billion dollar companies who would not even feel the bite of "losing out" on eighteen hundred dollars. C'mon, my father is serving in Iraq and this is a very special occasion! This just goes to show that United along with many of the other airline companies have no respect, compassion or care for the customer. I am sure this isn't the only case of complete disregard for customer satisfaction and I am sure that it will happen again without the companies even taking a second look! I am hoping that this e-mail opens peoples eyes to who they do business with while flying and I hope that this gets put on the news to show United and all the other companies that this doesn't go unnoticed.
Pettit, LCpl Andrew D.

E-mail No. 2

I feel so much for Beth. I have not lost a child, but when I was 11 years old, my brother went to the movies, and that is the last time I saw him alive. He was murdered, and the killers were never officially found or charged. Most of the accused being minors, they never even saw the inside of a jail cell.
Beth needs to do what she is doing, being relentless. She is a strong woman, and I admire her very much. With all of the backward Arubans stumbling, bumbling, and obviously covering up for their own, it has been sickening to watch.
When will the abuse of females end? When will the lying end? This world is a scary place to raise any child in, you basically have to take the best part of childhood (innocence) away just to attempt to keep your child somewhat safe.
Greta, don't ever stop doing what you are doing. You are a tremendous help to the Holloway family, and to every family that watches. The more information out there, the more likely it is that someone will finally come forward.
May this case get solved,
Bless you Beth, Dave, Jug, and Greta
El Fager
Arlington, TX

ANSWER: El, we intend to continue to report on Natalee's disappearance. Note that other news organizations also are reporting on it... each news organization is hopeful that we will get answers. Sooner or later we will.

E-mail No. 3

I read your "Sleep Deprivation" article and can really understand how much sleep you and your production crew must sacrifice during your frequent travels. It pays off though... in excellent coverage and hopefully good ratings! That's the name of the game.
You also mentioned the Gen. (Scales, I think?) who was on Hamburger Hill in Vietnam and his sleep deprivation experiences. I can relate to that — big time — because I too, am a Vietnam Vet. (U.S. Army 1967-1968). I wasn't on Hamburger Hill but, as a helicopter crewman, went through experiences just as terrifying!
Sleep was probably the most coveted commodity in Vietnam... other than ice and letters from home. We never got enough rest. It wasn't uncommon, especially during the first few days of the horrible TET Offensive of 1968, to go 72 hours without any meaningful sleep at all... other than 10 minute naps. Our eyes swelled and felt as though sand had been rubbed in them. All that kept us awake in the damp mildewed confines of our bunkers were the giant rats who shared the stinking muddy bunker environment with us. Those rats were huge and extremely vicious. They would attack in the pitch-black darkness and bite viciously. One guy went to sleep and a giant rat nearly gnawed one of his toes off — and probably would have — had he not awakened screaming in agony, causing his friends to rush to his aid and beat the giant devil off of him!
Greta, what few days we got off were often spent in blissful sleep. Just on normal days, we worked 12 to 16 hours average. Then, every other night, after work, we pulled guard duty all night long. We would be on guard two hours — and off four — rotating two guys per shift. We had to stay alert for Viet Cong who probed our defenses at night and would cut our throats... and also contend with giant rats inside the pitch darkness of the mildewed, smelly bunkers. You would not have enjoyed Vietnam, Greta!
Disabled Vietnam Vet.
Southwest VA

E-mail No. 4

I just returned from Aruba. I know I should not go, but I have a timeshare and I'm not giving it up. Aruba is the safest island in the Caribbean. I have been to all of them.
Interesting news — I spoke with several taxi drivers and several local people I have come to know through the years (from the island) about the case-the majority of them think the Van der Sloots are very involved and the father is the biggest suspect of them all! Most thought he has money and "power" and could cover this all up for his son and friends. Unfortunately it seems to be true.
The island people feel very embarrassed by their government actions-saying money does not buy the truth. But covers it.
I hope Beth and her family get closure on this I too have a son and daughter of the same age and it must be agonizing, my prayers are with her.
In closing though I would like to say the majority of Arubans feel very bad for Beth and her family — they want this resolved.
Patricia Jones

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