No More Moving

I'm sorry! Yes, I bailed on the "Dayside Dish" for about a month. It's not that I didn't want to keep it going, it's just that I was in the middle of a major move (my home, not my job —hee hee) and had things packed up in boxes a little longer than expected.

Can I just whine for a second? Does anyone understand how much I loathe moving? I mean, I am grateful to be able to own a home. But man, it's a stressful event isn't it? From sixth grade until my junior year of high school, I moved every single year to a different city (and of course, a different school). All during college — dorm to apartment after apartment. I seriously think I've moved about 30 times in my lifetime. No more! I'm done! Well, at least for a few years.

I did move into a "cool pad," although I haven't sold my previous "not-as-cool pad." That's causing just a wee bit of anxiety in my life. On the bright side, my new neighbor will be none other than the lovely and talented Rebecca Gomez from the biz side of FNC. I dragged her out to see my new building and somehow conned her into thinking it would be a great idea to live two floors below me. I'm scared for the locals.

On to important matters...

If you're in the NYC area, please join us in studio. Tickets are free and most report having a good time. Usually, depending on the day and what we have planned, you are brought into the studio around 12:30pm. We provide a little entertainment, a history of FNC's creation and then it's show time. You're out by 2 p.m. when Martha M. takes the reigns. You never know who you're going to see standing outside of the FNC studios... or joining us on the "DaySide" set: 1-877-FOX-TKTS. Did I mention the tix are free?

As usual, the mere mention of Hillary Clinton sparks loads of e-mail. Today we asked how her hubby (you remember him, right?) would affect her chances of becoming the next president of the United States of America. Here's what one viewer had to say:

"What is the deal with Hillary? She may be loved by those in the NYC area, but out here in the sticks of NY, she is a carpetbagger. She has done less for us than Chuck Schumer, and he has done nothing. She wouldn't get my vote for dogcatcher.
I do not know why everybody is climbing on the bandwagon for Al Gore's movie. It is based on junk science. I heard today that we have more carbon dioxide now than 650,000 years ago. How do they know? We have only been keeping temperature records for the last 150 years, and we certainly have no means to detect how much carbon dioxide was here then, let alone hundreds of thousands of years.
If you believe what Al Gore believes, pick out your coffin and get in. We are doomed."
John S.
Canaseraga, NY

This next one's a doozy. By the way, it was addressed to me. You might have been able to figure that out by the "dizzy blonde" reference a few lines in…

"You are completely unqualified to reprot the news. You ask inept questions that show your ineptness. First you COMPLIMENT HOWARD STERN. Now you ask about THE reprobate clinton as if he is, or should be relevant to anything other than a walking, talking example of an inept, immoral, using, abussing, slandering,absructor and perjurying definition of a reprobate. Yet you and others wonder why we are becoming more immoral, and amazingly ask, "Gee, I wonder what has happened to our childre?" Well, people like YOU have happened to our children. You have no idea of what morality, integrity and common sense are. You are a JOKE. And I sincerely use to like you until I started hearing your absurd and inept "morality." Sorry, but YOU DEFINE dizzy blonde. You are there ONLY because of your looks. Others much more talented have been ignored at the expense of integrity.
You should resign, but monet grubbers in this inept society don't resign anymore. They just prosper in an inept society."

Well, Jim... (nervous laugh) where do I begin? Usually I don't respond to personal attacks, but something about this one just got to me. Maybe it's the fact that you're attacking me because I happen to find Howard Stern entertaining at times. The last time I checked, we live in a country where diverse views are encouraged. Move to Iran if you want to shut people up from voicing their own opinions, likes and dislikes.
I also find this e-mail funny because literally moments before I read it, I received an e-mail accusing me of being a Bill Clinton-basher.

As far as the whole 'getting to FNC because of my looks' accusation... First, I don't think there's anything particularly special about my looks. Secondly, I've spent 20 years in this business, starting with working as an intern, cub reporter, reporter, correspondent, anchor, etc. I'm here because I worked hard to get here. All of the women here at FNC are talented and bright. But yes, at times I am a dizzy blonde. Don't you think it's part of my charm, Jim? Hee hee.
And by the way, if you're going to rip someone apart, you may want to do a spell-check first.


Al Gore's documentary about Global Warming provoked a few responses as well:

"You made a mistake.
It's Liberal Warming not Global Warming.
It’s all part of the Blood and Gore Democratic Political Program for the ’06 campaign.
A dedicated listener."
Ken W.
DeBary, FL

"Your show today was the typical meaningless 'treatment' of global warming. Al Gore's movie is clearly over-the-top propaganda. The fact that Gore is passionate about this issue does not make him right. Actual scientific facts, not emotion, should guide your discussion of this matter in the future.
But I want to thank FOX News for the David Asman special on global warming that was shown Sunday night. It was an excellent, well-researched program on the issues that surround climate prediction. Thank you for producing a program that interviewed a spectrum of actual, practicing Ph.D. climate scientists."
Paul P.
Bartlesville, OK

Thanks, Paul. Would you like to sit under my desk and tell me how to do all of my interviews, or just the global warming issue?

Bernie Goldberg's book about the 110 people who are screwing up America is entertaining — and naturally a lightning rod for many of our viewers. Under the subject line "Bernie Goldberg forgot a few names..." one anonymous viewer wrote:

"Himself and FOX!
Fair and balanced? I guess you forgot to mention that he was fired from CBS!"

If you've noticed, at the top of our shows we usually start off with a "stunt." We do it to lighten the mood; set the tone for what will certainly be a different take on the news from the other programs surrounding ours. Sometimes it works and sometimes... um... it doesn't. Here's what one viewer thinks:

"I am a loyal fan. HOWEVER, between the baby crying yesterday and the screaming today - I am close to turning the channel!"
Fan in NJ

Finally, I've received quite a few inquiries as to my personal status with the infamous "Lion Man." For those of you who have heard that reference on-air but have no idea what we're talking about — Dave Salmoni is a host on Discovery Channel's Animal Planet. He's going to be joining us on set (with a fascinating animal yet-to-be-determined) in just a few weeks. He's spent the last two months traveling the world shooting with various killer animals for several new series. And yes, he's my beau. And we're doing great, so thank you for asking. And no, I do not like to think about him diving with great white sharks without a cage. I know how to pick 'em!

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It's great to be back. Write me! And keep watching please.


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