No Joy in SP-Ville

The far-left secular progressive community is furious, furious, I tell you about losing the war on Christmas. Columnist in the nutty Seattle Post-Intelligencer writes that I am leading "crusaders for creches."

The usual Christmas deniers are appalled the ACLU is not going to sue anybody this year. And that's because they lose almost every time they drag Christmas into court. And even those pinheads are tired of wasting money.

In Wisconsin, the state assembly has voted to restore the name of the "Christmas tree" to the "Christmas tree". That's because they changed it to the "holiday tree". On Capitol Hill, the House voted yesterday 372 to 9 to recognize the "importance of the Christmas tradition and to condemn bigotry against Christians." And those who voted against that Ackerman and Clarke of New York, DeGette of Colorado, Hastings of Florida, McDermott of Washington state, Scott of Virginia, Lee, Woolsey, Stark of California.

So all over the country, the sights and signs of Christmas are on display. Few department stores are telling employees not to say a "Merry Christmas." And the Taliban like oppression of the holiday has largely ceased, but the SPs are not happy about that.

Now you may remember my chat with Alexia Kellee last week. She's with the Catholic Alliance. And she told me my campaign to protect Christmas traditions was divisive. So I told her this.


You would have lost the Christmas fight, because the seculars don't care about Christmas. All they want to do is get Christianity, Catholicism, Protestantism, whatever it may be, out of the public square.


Well, former Philadelphia Daily News editorial board member Carol Towarnicky saw that and went wild, writing, "To that, this secularist pleads guilty. No religion should be in the public square, not even when the overwhelming majority of citizens practice it."

Is that unbelievable? Joseph Stalin, Mao, and Fidel salute you, Carol. Yes, that's the ticket. Let's ban all religion expression from the public square. Let's drive it indoors so it won't pollute the atmosphere.

There's no place in American public life for any expression of spirituality. No, because that's offensive to the secular-progressive movement, a beacon of tolerance.

John Adams would be appalled. James Madison would have canceled his subscription to The Philadelphia Daily News. And Benjamin Franklin might have even moved out of Philly.

All of the founding fathers encouraged spirituality in the public square and open all of their meetings with a prayer.

Next to Jessica's Law, "The Factor's" reporting on Christmas is one of the most important things we've done. The underlying assault on this federal holiday is spelled out in my book, "Culture Warrior" if you have an interest. But the bottom line is this. We won and Carol and her SP pals lost. Good.

Pinheads and Patriots

Rock star Gwen Stefani, who is extremely successful, is doing a very good thing. Reacting to the terrible fires a few weeks ago in California, Ms. Stefani is setting up a scholarship program for kids who were impacted by the devastation. She herself has donated $160,000 to the fire victims, and of course, that makes Gwen Stefani a patriot.

On the pinhead front, our pal Paul Krugman, a socialist columnist for the New York Times, has been hammering Barack Obama because his health plan isn't socialistic enough. Foolishly, Obama actually replied to Krugman's criticism.

By the way, Professor Krugman — it's Krug-man, Kroog-man, I don't know — who teaches at Princeton, will be taking a cruise sponsored by Air America. And if you want to met him, I believe details are available on

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