No Female Rivalry Here

Hi guys!

Rioting in Paris cut into Tuesday's show, so some of you may be a bit confused right now — especially if you happened to tune into the top of the show.

We call the first few seconds of the show the "cold open." It's the part where Mike and I are standing together in front of the audience, "teasing" the topics and guests we're going to be covering that hour.

We were all set to interview a woman who wrote a book called "Tripping the Prom Queen," a look at female rivalry. Any chance our audio guy "Toba" has to use the special "catfight!" effect — he'll do it. So during the cold open (Click on the video in the box above to watch), Mike teased the book, and then jokingly asked whether there's any rivalry between the women here at FNC and me. I said absolutely not. Cut to a shot of business anchor Rebecca Gomez (down in Studio N) rolling her eyes and saying, "Oh please! Yeah, right!" Cut again to the lovely "Geraldo At Large" correspondent Laurie Dhue standing on our set ripping up a my headshot. Cut finally to a studio shot of weather machine Janice Dean pulling the head off a doll that supposedly resembled me — the thing looked more like a naughty schoolgirl than an anchor but whatever...

A few of you wrote in asking why the women at FOX were ganging up on me on national TV, heehee. No, we don't hate each other here at FOX. In fact, quite the opposite.

Just for clarification and the dousing of any rumors — I'm very good friends with all three and there is absolutely no rivalry or nastiness at all. In fact, that's why we chose them — because we are buddies. And because they are all hams!

Back to business...

The rioting in France has to do with a law about to go into effect that will essentially let companies fire employees under the age of 26 without reason within two years of employment. The demonstrations have been going on for weeks, but today turned particularly heated, and later — ugly. Our on-scene reporters suggested the crowd may not have been filled with passionate protesters, but rather teenage troublemakers.

Here are some of your thoughts on the mess:

“Hey guys, it appears that the only time the French are willing to fight is when they are fighting their own government. Go figure.”
R. Christman, U.S. Army (retired)
Altoona, PA

“Why is Fox News paying SO MUCH attention to what is going on in France? Reporting on it is one thing, but to create an entire show on it? I'd like to get some real news. Not a bunch of unruly kids throwing bottles filled with paint.”
S. McMahan
Longview, TX

“Now I know why the French don't have a baseball team... They throw like sissies.”
Wayne Williams
Sevierville, TN

“I was in Paris last Saturday and this is not a general malaise as some of your commentators are insinuating, but a specific rage that is sparking “Viva la Revolution” and “Viva La France” on every twenty- something lips from the Super Marche to college pub. Logically it doesn’t make sense for this number of people to organize for a “general malaise” so I personally reject that distant point of view out of hand. What it really is I don’t know, but the saturation point to boil over has been reached by this system of French society.”

Regarding the illegal immigration reform legislation — this subject has created quite a stir among FNC viewers, many of whom wonder whether their fellow Americans understand the true meaning of the word "illegal." I spoke with some reporter friends yesterday, after protests broke out among high school students in California. What they told me was sad, but not surprising. Many, not some, but many students who were out on the streets (running around with Mexican flags, not U.S. flags...) were clueless when asked legitimate questions about illegal immigration. My colleagues (who differ on the issue) said point-blank: These kids were enjoying playing hooky. They were not true demonstrators.

Here's what you're saying:

“The difference between legal and illegal is a concept that many Americans just can't comprehend. Here is what it means to me: Legal means having to pay taxes for government services and national defense. Illegal means a free ride with no worry of defending this country. Legal means following the laws of this country and paying for breaking them. Illegal means an excuse to break our laws and a blind eye to allow it to happen. Legal means being able to vote to make changes. Illegal means ignoring your vote to prevent changes. Why are so many legal citizens called bigots and racists for trying to obey the law? I was in the military defending this country for over 20 years and have come to the conclusion I will not be embarrassed or made less of an American for continuing to obey the law!"
A. Adamski
Bellevue NE

“My great-grandparents had to make some incredibly difficult sacrifices to get to this country — went through the demeaning processing at Ellis Island just to be an American. They were so proud. Because of this I had empathy for the "illegals" in this country. But that was destroyed this weekend when I watched the mobs carrying Mexican flags and shouting anti-American slogans. They want fairness? Then go through the same legal process that my ancestors did, swear allegiance to this country and learn English. I will never vote for any political candidate who even mentions the word amnesty.”
Dan Robbins
Indianapolis, IN

Wednesday, Mike and I are headed down to D.C. (along with several other FNC anchors) to the Radio-TV Correspondents’ Association Dinner. We'll be leaving after the show and returning before Thursday's show — hopefully with some good stories to tell.


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