No Connection

I've got some advice for the media: Get over JFK.

Now. Please. Fast. Stop it.

Once again I've heard comparisons to a guy who's been gone more than 40 years, to a guy who's alive and well today: John Edwards (search).

Now, don't get me wrong. John Edwards "is" a handsome guy. He’s got great hair, a great smile and is great on the stump.

But stop it. This obsession is giving the calorically challenged among us a headache.

No, contrary to popular belief, I didn't get this job on my incredible good looks. I'm fortunate to work for bosses who figured that an over-weight Italian anchor "was" sexy.

But enough of me. Back to John. Both Johns, actually. Would they be so hot if they didn't look so hot? No, charisma is saved for the hunks... not the "hunky."

Bald guys. Fat guys. Bad-teeth guys. They're never called charismatic.

Don't get me wrong. I guess there's something "energizing" about Edwards. But would he be as energizing if he were bald, or 50 pounds heavier?

I doubt it. So stop it.

Just say it, media: You love the guy because he's handsome and that makes him charismatic.

Now ladies I turn to you, since the media seems to be patronizing you. You know what's "really" charismatic? Big heads, bad jokes and equally bad ties.

Until Edwards masters any of those things, he won’t win me over on the charisma thing.

God, I wish John Candy were still alive. Now there was charisma!

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