No Class in Class Warfare

So I'm watching the Democratic debate and the issue of tax cuts (search) comes up.

Not surprisingly, all of the candidates want to rescind at least part of the president's cuts. Howard Dean wants to rescind them all. John Kerry says he'd lop off those benefits going to those earning 250,000 bucks or more.

Naturally it became a class war (search) issue -- again. So let me play that class theme.

Is it classy to take tax cuts away when the economy is clearly benefiting from them? I say no.

Is it classy to say the government knows better what to do with our money than we know what to do with our money? I say no.

Is it classy to pit those who've achieved the American dream, then tax them more, precisely because they have? I say no.

Is it classy to say the wealthier in this country aren't paying their fair share, when even after this tax cut, they're paying a greater share of taxes now? I say no.

And is it classy to pit rich against poor in a transparent attempt to justify your own boondoggle, pork programs? I say no.

I find it amusing that those who bemoan deficits from tax cuts, don't say boo about deficits from spending.

Never mind the top five percent of wage earners in this country, pay more than half the taxes in this country. Or that the progressive and onerous tax code is still alive and well and they continue to pay a much higher percentage.

Only in this country, can the politicians who benefit from it, rip the people who are pretty much paying for it.

There's no class in playing class warfare. There's no class in lying and deceiving.

There's no class in telling people you want to take back their hard-earned money, so you can spend their hard-earned money.

And there' s no class in screwing the ones who are helping you, by vilifying them and saying they do nothing for you.

Class? Try something more appropriate. Like, "ass."

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