No. 1 Problem: North Korean Nukes

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No. 1 Problem: North Korean Nukes
Former President Bill Clinton says North Korea -- not Iraq -- ought to be foreign enemy No. 1 because of the communist country's nuclear program. Clinton told an Atlanta synagogue yesterday that North Korea can make money only by selling weapons. The former president said, "They can't do anything else but grow bombs and missiles. It's their cash crop. We can defend ourselves against Iraq. It would be quick and easy. But it's worth waiting a little while because it's not a military threat." During the first nuclear standoff with North Korea, then President Clinton branded the country the scariest place on earth. Now he says the United States ought to wean North Korea off nukes by negotiating and offering money. He says, "This is a no-brainer." Parenthetically, the Bush administration offered negotiations and aid last year -- and the North Koreans responded by ramping up their nuclear program.

Up and Running Again ...
Meanwhile, the elections chief some Democrats blame for former Vice President Al Gore's loss of Florida in the 2000 presidential race has decided to run for re-election next year. Theresa LePore, Palm Beach County elections supervisor, quietly filed paperwork stating her candidacy. She said, "I'm not a quitter. When I leave, I want it to be because it's not fun anymore, not because I get bad press or people don't like me." Her infamous butterfly ballot set off a chain of confusion that culminated in the debate about pregnant, hanging and dimpled chads. Many voters found the ballot confusing, and court-ordered manual recounts held the election in abeyance for 36 days -- at which point George W. Bush was declared the victor by a paltry 537 votes.

Sign Causing Controversy?
And finally, a sign at a business establishment in Philadelphia reads, "We would rather do business with 1,000 Al Qaeda terrorists than with a single American." The Journal News reports that the sign was prominently displayed in the window, and while you might think that the National Guard would be needed to keep back the angry crowds, so far there has been no report of violence. So, what kind of business would dare post such a sign in these turbulent times you ask? A Philadelphia funeral home.