Nikki Sixx MIA

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We "lost" a guest Tuesday night. Well, not exactly lost...

Nikki Sixx (search) of the Mötley Crüe was supposed to be a guest by phone. His band is trying to help find a Baltimore woman who was headed to a March concert of the band and then vanished. We planned the segment on the missing Baltimore woman late into the show because the band was playing a concert in Canada and Nikki needed to finish playing, jump off stage and call us. We knew going into the show that we could run into trouble ... and we did. Luck was not on our side last night. The band played longer than they had expected and thus Nikki could not "escape" to call us.

And my question of the day: Do you think the Michael Jackson (search) trial will ever end? I don't. I still can't figure out why trials seem to take so long in California (and now I await all the e-mails from people in California giving me "hell" for my remark about California trials.)

Now for e-mails from you:

E-mail No. 1 — These next few e-mails relate to the woman in Wisconsin who must make a decision in her own punishment: 90 days behind bars or give up some Green Bay Packer tickets. The judge has given her either option. I posted the article in Tuesday's blog:

While I believe the lady should be punished for her embezzlement of union money, if I were her I would have to think long and hard about giving up my season tickets. This football fan would welcome 90 days in the pokey as a respite. I could get caught up on my sleeping, studying, writing and recreational reading and still be out in time for the first game. On the other hand, if she chooses for forfeit her tickets, you can mail them to T. G. Scott in Milan, TN and make my wish come true. LOL
T.G. Scott
Milan, TN

E-mail No. 2

What self-respecting man would let his wife go to jail when he can simply give up football tickets to save her from the embarrassment, the humiliation, the discomfort, the exposure to dangerous cell mates, not to mention that she would definitely lose her suntan in 90 days tucked away in a deep dark hole someplace. They'd all let her rot, Greta! You know football comes first with men — don't you, Greta? Even FOX News' own Steve Harrigan, that brave, talented, courageous war correspondent once, said that he looked forward most when returning home to greasy French fries, a large sweet ice tea drink and someone who understood him. What can we say, Greta? That someone who understood him naturally was another male football fan, right? You're too easy with your questions, Greta. Give us some tough ones, will you?
Your oh-so-sure fans in the horse pasture,
Annie, Jamie, Neatie, Hannah, Grace, Ginger and Tessa
Turkey Hill
Rockbridge Baths, VA

E-mail No. 3

Keep the tickets, do the time!
Bruce Dombrowski

E-mail No. 4

Rosenthal is a thief, what kind of justice is there in Appleton if a citizen can steal $3,000.00 and have a choice of going to jail for 90 days, or offer their four season tickets to watch the Green Bay Packers play football to a charity? I would not want to sit in those seats knowing now why they might be available. Ethics, honesty, pride are lacking in this story. Also the poll today is the most common sense one in a very long time and it looks like I belong in the winner's circle, as you do too. Get rid of filibustering!
Take care, God bless,

E-mail No. 5

Since it's probably Bret Favre's last year, I suspect she will do the time.
Susan R. Grimes
Chatham, NJ and Chesterfield, MO

E-mail No. 6

About the lady from Appleton, Wis., who has the choice to go to jail or give up her G.B. Packer tickets: I bet she gives up the Packer tickets even though they are worth their weight in gold up there. You should ask that question as your poll even though it is an insider.
Andy Waldorf
Los Angeles, CA

E-mail No. 7

Please tell Ted his shirt is awesome. About time a new style hit the scene. And Bernie? Well, he is just the cutest! Love the show,

E-mail No. 8

Dear Greta/"On the Record,"
First, let me say that I am by no way whatsoever trying to dismiss or minimize the horrible and disgusting acts of a despicable human being that may have kidnapped a poor innocent little girl. I pray wholeheartedly that she be found healthy and safe.
What I have an issue with is the way that FOX News Channel, the only channel I watch, would describe the alleged perpetrator as a "White/Hispanic." This is totally incorrect. The person in the picture is an "Indian/Hispanic" or "Mestizo/Hispanic" or "Native American/Hispanic," but certainly not a "White/Hispanic". You could even say "Mexican/Hispanic." Please try and use correct terminology when describing the races of people sought after by the law. This description that you give only confuses and makes matters worse.
I mean this only as a way to improve the standards and professionalism of your channel. In the future, you might consult an Anthropology expert before generalizing a human incorrectly as you have.

E-mail No. 9 — This next note is Laura Ingle's daily note from the Michael Jackson trial. Note how Jim Hammer wrote these for a while and stopped. I need to give him a hard time for stopping!

Subject: Laura note — Brian Oxman is gone and Debra Opri is back.

People are still talking about Monday's public parking lot spat between Michael Jackson's lead defense attorney and Jackson's family attorney Brian Oxman. As you know, Oxman has been canned and is not here today. Michael Jackson's mom and dad's lawyer, Debra Opri, is here today sitting with them in the second row. Joe Jackson hasn't been here in a while, but is back. I called Opri's law office in L.A. to reconfirm exactly what it is she does for Catherine and Joe Jackson. Her co-worker told me she is here to "explain" the legal aspects of the case to mom and dad. I was also told that she represents the "Godfather of Soul", James Brown. Who knew?

Travel coordinator Cythina Montgomery testified today. Her time on the stand was visibly uncomfortable for the former aide to Jackson's travel team. She is currently being investigated by the feds for allegedly taking part in a secret videotaping of Jackson and Mark Geragos on a private jet. It's what is known as "the surrender" flight when Jackson had to fly from Vegas to Santa Barbara to turn himself in. She was granted "use immunity" which means anything she said here on the stand, can't be used against her in the federal case.

She gave feisty answers to both the prosecution and defense about the flights she set up for the accuser and his family to go to Brazil. It wasn't that she was being mean, she just clearly didn't want to be here. She says one of Jackson's people, who is a friend of hers, instructed her to arrange one-way tickets for the four family members to go to Brazil, March 1, 2003. That was right after the "rebuttal video" was in the can. Although she is a witness with legal problems, it does back up what some had called the "crazy" claims of the mother in this case. She had told jurors earlier at trial that Jackson and his people were trying to get rid of them after being held against their will.

The videographer who made the rebuttal video has been called to testify. There is also buzz that Debbie Rowe has been spotted around the court campus here today, although most of our sources say she'll be called tomorrow. The expected testimony of the mother of Jackson's two children is expected to be quite something. The two haven't seen each other face to face in years.

And finally, jurors seemed relaxed today. As I told you yesterday, the sound of soft jazz music can be heard coming from their break area, a new addition to their routine. Today, I could hear piano tunes floating around the green tent ... almost an alarming calm around the madness of reporters hustling in and out of the courthouse.

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