New York, New York

I love working in New York City. But you know something? I really like leaving New York City.

I've been doing this show from around the country as I continue my book tour for "Your Money or Your Life."

It's taken me to California and Florida, Georgia and soon Michigan, Texas, Alabama, Virginia and Tennessee. And many more.

At each stop, with each signing, I get to see the people who e-mail me, even some who don't necessarily flip over me.

But, to a man or woman, they want to talk to me.

About high gas prices — they're worried.

About this country's future — they're not worried.

Most tell me they don't have a lot of money, but they sure have a lot of heart.

Some bring their kids. Some their friends. One family came dressed in God-awful ties to snap a picture with yours truly — who they say, has the market cornered on God-awful ties.

They are the salt of the Earth. Far from what many in my business no doubt see as the "center" of the Earth.

New York is a great city. But it is only one city in a much greater country.

Where people talk about FOX News being their salvation and this portly anchor as their tonic.

Some say they're honored to see me in the flesh. I let them know, the real honor, is being with them... in the flesh.

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