New Poll Shows Worry Over Islamic Terror Threat, to Be Detailed in Special FNC Report

The roar of “Death to America” chants from thousands of militants eager to cause destruction in the U.S. has become a staple of television in Islamic countries — and the vast majority of Americans think Washington should take that threat seriously.

That’s the finding of a new FOX News Poll, which asked Americans to rate the threats emanating from broadcasts in the Arab world.

In a sample of 900 registered voters nationwide, 64% said the threats should be taken “very seriously” and another 24% thought they should be taken “somewhat seriously.”

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The poll was conducted for a FOX News documentary, “Radical Islam: Terror in Its Own Words,” which premieres Saturday Feb. 3 at 9 p.m. EST and at midnight on the FOX News Channel.

The program contains a shocking variety of rarely seen news clips, interviews and Al Qaeda video purportedly of suicide bombers as they prepare for their missions and blow themselves up in bids to kill Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq.

One of the videos was aired on Al Jazeera, the most-viewed Islamic news station. The other was posted on an Islamic web sight. (FOX News was unable to independently verify whether the suicides actually took place.)

Alongside those harrowing images are interviews with the mothers of terrorists who rationalize the loss of their children in bombing attacks, film clips of Islamic clergy urging further murderous assaults, and even video of children being taught to hate and kill Americans and Jews.

Footage shows the violence is not intended to just stay in the Middle East.

The FOX News documentary also contains never-before-broadcast video of Islamic clerics in the United States predicting and even threatening violence against Americans at home.

As one of those Islamic clerics put it as he took a stage on the campus of the University of California at Irvine just two days before 9/11, “If you don't give us justice, if you don't give us equality, if you don't give us our share of America,” he said. “We're gonna burn America down.”

That speech was caught on tape by staffers for The Investigative Project, a Washington, DC-based organization, which has been tracking the spread of radical Islam in this country since 1995.

The Investigative Project’s research, along with film and video from the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), also based in Washington, feature heavily in the documentary, hosted by FOX News anchor ED Hill.

Other footage was obtained by FOX producers and cameramen, and from other news sources.

Hill's investigative report shows dozens of shocking clips from Islamic television of Islamic clerics and leaders openly advocating violent attacks on the U.S. and Israel.

The documentary also shows TV programs where young children literally sing the praises of violent jihad, and speak of their own desire to become suicide bombers.

“What are you holding in your hand?” a small boy is asked by a reporter in one TV clip.

“A rifle,” the boy answers, matter-of-factly.

“What are you going to do with it?” the reporter asks.

“Shoot the Jews,” says the boy.

“To see videos of young kindergarten kids singing odes to suicide bombers is— is one of the most— shocking images I can recall watching in the last 15 years of doing this work,” says Steve Emerson, who launched The Investigative Project.

The FOX program also shows shocking excerpts from Islamic children’s cartoon shows that not only glorify violence against America and Israel, but clearly encourage children to take part. The images are graphic and bloody.

“We must not allow these bloodthirsty Zionists to take even one inch of our holy land. If necessary we will die this way,” one cartoon character says before detonating his bomb belt.

“What is really upsetting is the fact that some of these channels say that they are part of the national education system of prominent countries, including countries that are allies to the United States, like Egypt, Saudi Arabia,” says Walid Phares, a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

Arab media experts interviewed by Hill point to the videos as stark proof that, though Islamic terrorists have not successfully attacked the American homeland since 9/11, they are still determined to do so.

“I had hoped that September 11th was a wake up call to the United States, but it was not,” says Brigitte Gabriel, a former Arab news anchor. “Americans hit the snooze button and went back to sleep. And right now our enemy is telling us exactly what they want to do.”

FOX also queried Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, founder of the American Society for Muslim Advancement, which describes itself as an organization dedicated to creating bridges between the American public and American Muslims.

Feisal described the violent images and indoctrination as “political,” rather than religious. Feisal also likened the statements by radical Muslims in the FOX documentary to outrageous statements he says are made by some Christians and Jews.

“There is something in the human psychology which — which believes in the superiority of its own individual faith. And wants to impose it on everybody else. There are those who are Christians who are like this. There are those who are Muslims who are like this.”

And why don't more moderate Muslims condemn the radicals who preach hate in the name of Islam?

“Muslim spokesmen are caught between a number of objectives,” Feisal told Hill. “Part of it is to express the principles of their faith, which they are bound to. But part of what they feel also is to express the sentiments of their community on the issues which the community feels passionate about.”

That’s not good enough for Emerson.

“In the United States I think we need to force the Islamic — quote — mainstream leadership — to unequivocally condemn Islamic terrorist organizations by name.”

That’s more important now than ever, Emerson says, because as the radical elements of Islam are a lot closer then Americans think.

Among the other video clips to be shown on television for the first time:

*Members of a Radical Islamic group screaming “Death, death to the American army!” outside the Indian Consulate in New York City, June 2002. In 2003, suicide bombers linked to that group, Al-Muhajiroun, killed three in an attack in Tel Aviv.

* A May 2002 rally in California in which an Imam, speaking of a confrontation with the American government vowed, "We’re going to use force. And whatever was taken by force can only be retrieved by force.”

*In yet another California rally, the speaker tells his American audience: “One day you will see the flag of Islam over the White House. Allah Akbar! “