New Jersey Governor's Resignation Speech in Question

New Jersey Democratic Gov. James McGreevey (search) announced his resignation from office. In a startling live press conference last Thursday, McGreevey acknowledged an extra marital affair with an unnamed adult male. He said the news of that affair would keep him from doing his job as governor.

McGreevey has been hounded by scandal almost since he took office two and one-half years ago and this may be a way of his pulling out before other legal problems develop.

Twice, the governor brought God into his statement. First, he said he doesn't believe that God deliberately keeps people down. He's right. People make decisions that keep themselves down.  His second reference was a partial quotation from the Book of Romans about God causing all things to work together for good. The governor conveniently left out the rest of the verse. God causes all things to work together for good "to those who are called according to his purpose."

McGreevey apologized for his adultery, but why is that wrong? The same Scripture he misquotes forbids adultery just as it forbids homosexual practice and all forms of sexual activity outside of a marital bond between a man and a woman. The governor is practicing cafeteria theology. Politicians and a considerable number of others think the Ten Commandments are multiple choice, to their own detriment.

One other thing: McGreevey said his identity is tied to his sexuality. I find that peculiar in the extreme.

As a heterosexual, my identity is not found in my sexuality, but rather in the very God the governor of New Jersey misquotes and mischaracterizes. The governor's admission of wrongdoing might sound more genuine without the self-justification about identity and sexuality.

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