For those of you bored to tears with the now endless debate on the search in Iraq for weapons of mass destruction, I must apologize... there's a bit more news you should be aware of.

David Kelly (search). Does the name ring a bell? He's the British weapons inspector who committed suicide last month after being dragged before the public as the alleged source of an incendiary BBC report that Tony Blair (search) lied about the reasons for war against Saddam Hussein.

Kelly said that yes, he had met with the BBC reporter in question, but that he hadn't told him that stuff.

The Times of London is now reporting that in 1995, Kelly had proof that Saddam had built a dirty bomb — a radiological bomb — to use against Iran if he had to, and that the Iraqi dictator maintained the expertise and the capability to build more any time he wanted.

Unfortunately, since Kelly was hounded to death by a British news organization desperately trying to justify its anti-American reports and by a government desperately trying to defend itself, he isn't around to shed more light on this bombshell information.

Did Saddam have WMD? We shall see... but we now know from the late Kelly that Iraq had a truly ugly WMD in the last five to seven years and that it had the expertise to build more.

The Times of London also reports that Kelly wanted this information included in the British government dossier on Saddam, which sounds very different from what the scientist allegedly told a BBC reporter — that the British government cooked up, or "sexed up," the case against Saddam.

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