Negotiators Sight Guards Held at Arizona Prison

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Negotiators on Tuesday saw two correctional officers held hostage in a prison guard tower for the first time since they were taken captive by a pair of inmates Sunday.

"Both of them appeared to move without discomfort. They're moving by themselves," said Cam Hunter, a spokeswoman for the Department of Corrections (search). The sighting helped reassure prison officials and family members as negotiations continued, she said.

The negotiators did not see the inmates, who made minor demands Monday for coffee and water, which they received.

The standoff began Sunday morning after an inmate attacked a guard in the prison kitchen. The prisoner and another inmate then got into an observation tower where the two guards, a man and a woman, were stationed. The tower is believed to be stocked with weapons.

Prison officials initially said the male guard was injured, though they did not disclose details. They had no new information on the possible injury Tuesday.

Identities of the inmates and guards have not been released because negotiators fear it could jeopardize the talks.

Until the crisis is resolved, the 4,400 other inmates at the medium- to high-security Arizona State Prison Complex-Lewis (search) remained locked in their cells.

Officials said it was unclear whether the standoff resulted from a botched escape attempt. The motive will likely remain unclear until authorities are able to fully investigate, Hunter said.

"They are not getting out. They are in a tower in the middle of the yard. It is very secure," she said.