Negative People — Positive Book

This will sound like I'm hyping my book, but I have a point: I don't like people who whine. And all the people I profile in my book -- which, did I mention, is due out June 1 -- they don't whine. Not a one.

I won't give the book away, but each and every one of them has more than enough reason to whine.

They've all suffered: One lost a son. Another a wife. Still another a job.

They could have been bitter and angry and mean and belittling.

But they were not and they are not.

What's got me thinking of them is catching up with an old friend who, as soon as we started talking, he started complaining. Complaining about his boss and how he didn't know anything. Complaining about his colleagues and how they didn't do anything. And even complaining about his kids and how they didn't appreciate anything.

I wondered if he was grateful, or even happy, about anything. He was not. We parted ways.

He's not a bad guy. He’s just a negative guy. Not my kind of guy.

I much rather choose to be with people who are direct and honest, upbeat and to the point. I like to be the same way.

It's amazing that after a 20-plus career of talking to bigwigs, I've discovered only a few meet that standard. The standard I write about.

People whose lives are defined by more than the things we overcome which we obsess and get negative about.

People who are about more than ego, more than cheap shots, and as the title suggests...more than money.

As they say, stay tuned.

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