'Near Death' Drama: Lindsay Lohan Stirs Trouble On Super Bowl Flight | Kim Kardashian Works Up A Sweat ... | Demi Moore Crushes Innocent People | Californication Starlet Signs On Alongside Panettiere And Hudgens

'Near Death' Drama: Lindsay Lohan Stirs Trouble On Super Bowl Flight

Lindsay Lohan's frame isn't the only thing that's fading — it seems her star status is too.

The 22-year-old caused chaos while departing on a Delta Flight from Tampa, Fla. on Saturday morning when the airline was unable to provide her with a first-class seat on the already overbooked flight. According to an insider, passengers laughed as the starlet acted incredibly entitled (and embarrassed), stomped around and warned a friend traveling with her: "you'd better come and visit me back there in case I die."

But fortunately for Linds, she didn't have to suffer the life-threatening ill of business or economy class as she was eventually moved into first following her entertaining tantrum. Phew. However it seems as though the Mean Girls starlet is being plagued by even more problems in her personal life.

On Friday night, Lohan accompanied Samantha Ronson to ESPN The Magazine’s NEXT Pre-Super Bowl bash and the two apparently had yet another tiff. Pop Tarts has been told that an angry-looking Lindsay hung out near Sam's D.J. booth chain-smoking until the early hours while shooting her dirty looks. According to our insider, Lohan continued to grab Ronson's blackberry obsessively and check her messages before an inevitable feud broke out. The two later headed to the ladies' to "sort it out" and came out smiling.

"They're always breaking up," a source close to the couple told Tarts. "Samantha won't let Lindsay go, she doesn't have a career without her."

And while the party peeps all enjoyed shots of Patron, the "reformed" rehabber made a public display of only drinking Red Bull, although word has it that a secret stash of liquor was later found underneath Lilo's table ... Is our girl going through a relapse?

A rep for the actress did not respond for comment.

Also in attendance at the bash was Joel & Benji Madden, Chris Tucker, Cuba Gooding Jr, Lil Wayne, Alyssa Milano, Christian Slater, Kevin James, Jordin Sparks, Brody Jenner and his "Playmate" girlfriend Jayde Nicole as well as their third-wheel, Doug Reinhardt.

The Hills' semi-star Reinhardt made it clear to all the ladies that he is very much ready to move on from ex Amanda Bynes and was well, pretty much looking to hook up with any willing woman.

But back to Miss Lohan, the troubled starlet was later spotted scurrying into the star-studded Maxim bash with Ronson and the Madden brothers and again we're told Linds kept a bottle of Patron hidden beneath her VIP table. So much for rehab!

Kim Kardashian Works Up A Sweat ...

Lindsay Lohan isn't the only one whose frame is fading fast, it seems Kim Kardashian is rapidly shedding pounds too. The reality star sent jaws dropping on Friday night when she turned up to co-host (along with Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra) Texas Energy's Leather & Laces Super Bowl bender in a form-fitting strapless beige dress.

"Everyone has been saying that (I've lost weight). I don't know why, haven't been dancing that's for sure," Kim recently joked to Tarts.

But Miss Kardashian has been busily working on bringing out her very own fitness video and not only did the slim starlet skip out of Florida before the big game to work on the video back in L.A, she was also seen working up quite a sweat with her sisters at the gym in the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tampa. Oh but of course — the ladies like, pumped iron with sunglasses on the entire time...

And we're starting to wonder just how serious Kimmy K and beau Reggie Bush really are, especially considering Kim's mom (who was acting as a guest reporter on the red carpet) didn't even recognize her daughter's lover from a slight distance. Kim's mother was overheard asking the person next to her — "does anyone know who that is?" when Reggie arrived. Uhhhh ... really??!?!

"He walked in with a few friends so maybe she was confused, but she definitely wasn't joking," said our source.

Demi Moore Crushes Innocent People

It seems Tampa's Hard Rock was quite the paparazzi haven over Super Bowl weekend, and Demi Moore was less-than-impressed with all the attention. Pop Tarts spies spotted the Strip Tease star and her hubby Ashton Kutcher checking in on Thursday and as the Hollywood couple was being formally escorted inside, Ms. Moore was overheard complaining about the crazy camera peeps and their blinding lights. Oh dear, the flip side of fame is tough.

"Demi didn't realize that there was another event in the hotel at the same time and was so freaked out, she ran into a fan and almost fell over," an eyewitness told us. "Ashton kept his composure and calmed down his lady."

Californication Starlet Signs On Alongside Panettiere And Hudgens

What does "Californication" actress Natascha McElhone have in common with Vanessa Hudgens, Hayden Panettiere, Diane Lane, Jennifer Garner and former Miss USA Susie Castillo? A nice little contract with skincare giant Neutrogena.

McElhone is the latest celeb to be signed on as a "face" of the company and her commercials are set to make a splash on the airwaves this week.

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