Naked Mexicans Protest Alleged Political Crimes

Dozens of nude and semi-nude Mexican farmers — men and women, from Veracruz state who call themselves "400 Pueblos" — protested Thursday in front of the Angel of Independence statue, in the heart of Mexico City.

The protesters wore only a poster image of former Veracruz State Gov. Dante Delgado Ranauro attached to their waist. The farmers charge Ranauro is involved in the disappearances of various movement leaders.

Their unique protest has become an annual event, with past demonstrations focused on their claims over lost lands.

The group also accuses former Secretary of State Miguel Angel Yunes of stealing by force more than 250 acres of land in May, 1992.

A coordinator for the movement said that the farmers are naked and cry, but won't let politicians get away with alleged crimes against them.