N.Y. Times Buries Abu Ghraib Latest

The fallout from the Abu Ghraib (search) scandal.

As we reported to you, The New York Times has run 47 front page exhibitions on Abu Ghraib this year alone, far more than any major newspaper. In many of those stories, it was suggested that orders to abuse Iraqi prisoners came from high up in the military and the Defense Department. But buried on page seven last Saturday was a Times article entitled "At Abuse Hearing, No Testimony That G.I.'s Acted on Orders."

In the body of the piece, reporter Katie Zernite (ph) writes, "Yet no one has said there were direct orders to carry out the treatment seen in photos." Shouldn't that story have been on page one of The New York Times in the interest of fairness?

So what we have here now is court testimony refuting any conspiracy in the Abu Ghraib case, which embarrassed the U.S.A. and in my opinion put Americans in danger all around the world.

Now you may remember The Factor is one of the few news organizations that did not run the abuse photos. I described them to you, but because we are seen in dozens of foreign countries, I didn't want to give our enemies abroad any more reason to harm Americans. In other words, I didn't want to incite violence against this country.

By putting so much emphasis on Abu Ghraib, The New York Times and others created a false impression that the abuse was American policy. It's clear now it was not policy. Remember, articles in The Times, New Yorker magazine, Newsweek and other publications like The Denver Post widely suggested that it was policy.

Of course, there's always a possibility new information will implicate higher-ups in the Abu Ghraib scandal, but right now it looks like military prison guards simply broke the law. Deplorable, but not the scandal some in the press were looking for. And that's the memo.

The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

The Company Magazine published in London has chosen Michael Jackson (search) as the "un-sexiest" man in the world. Can't argue with that choice. To do so would be ridiculous. Un-sexy, is that a word?

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