My Word for May 22, 2001

I was tempted to write about cell phones, since I am very big on cell phones. I've got a 2,000-minute plan and a hands-free device, so the cell-phone cops can go bother somebody else.

But I can't resist commenting on the latest strategic move by the Democrats.

It's the sons of Bill strategy, and the idea seems to be to send out the Clinton people and let them propagate: Janet Reno for governor in Florida, Al Sharpton for president, Bill Richardson for governor in New Mexico, and now Mark Fabiani and Chris Lehane —  that fearsome Clinton-Gore spin team — working for California Gov. Gray Davis as he tries to blame Texas for the lights going out.

What do we call this? The Mondale-Dukakis offensive?

I get a fair amount of email from people who say Janet Reno won't have to answer a Waco question. I find that hard to believe. As attorney general she could smile it away, but a governor's race in a place like Florida exposes a candidate to impertinent questions all day, all week.

And that's what Democrats need ... more reminders of Waco, Ruby Ridge, and Monica's dress.

Then there's Sharpton. Is there any clearer line between New York City and the rest of the world than Al Sharpton?

Aren't the Democrats trying to spread their blue on the electoral map, and won't this just spread Bush red?

Bill Richardson going back to New Mexico to be governor? Think he can duck questions on his handling of the Wen Ho Lee case, and  his administration letting New Mexico burn?

And Gray Davis hiring Mark Fabiani and Chris Lehane to help California incite a civil war with Texas?

This is the Democrats' strategy? Sons of Bill and blame Texas?

The real question here is whether this is a lack of discipline among free agent Democrats running around the country wearing bozo noses, or a plan somebody actually cooked up?

Neither explanation is comforting if you're a Democrat hoping to unseat the Bush folks.

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