My Soldier Is Back From Iraq!

Many of you already know that, months ago, I "adopted" an Army soldier and his unit -- writing e-mails and sending packages to help support their morale.

Well, after a long year in Iraq, "my" soldier -- Staff Sgt. Richard Bond -- has just come home! Safe and sound. So I'm flying him to New York to be on Friday's show.

If there's any message you want to pass on to him, send an e-mail to and make sure you watch tomorrow!


Wednesday, April 21: Significant New Terror Info

This is stuff I haven't been able to tell you on-air up until now. About Tuesday's car bombing in Saudi Arabia, sources had been warning me for weeks that it was coming -- sure enough, it did. That's why State Dept. ordered American diplomats out last week.

Have you heard about the aborted terror attack in Jordan? Trucks filled with tons of weapons, and planned bombings at American and Jordanian sites  -- I am hearing disturbing stuff about that; I won't say more until I can confirm it with sources.

Also -- a source had warned me for weeks that terrorists were planning some sort of attack in Iraq on a prison (or prisons), to free Iraqi bad guys and create general mayhem. Well, sure enough, it happened yesterday -- in Abu Ghraib. But it failed -- inmates were killed, but none escaped.

Thought you might like to know. It's interesting stuff, and I don't always get time during “DaySide” to tell you on the air.


Tuesday, April 20: Your Chance to Speak to U.S. Commanders in Iraq

On Wednesday's "DaySide," I've arranged to talk with Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt and Dan Senor -- the top officials in Iraq under Paul Bremer. They'll be with me live from Baghdad.

So here's my challenge to you: E-mail me the questions you wish you could ask them. Ask anything. I'll read through them and try to get as many of them on the air as possible.

Send them to me at:


P.S. Hope you were nice to Mike Jerrick while he filled in for me. I took a couple of days away with my hubby and daughter. And who did we run into at the resort? Whitney Houston and her husband, Bobby Brown -- and Newt Gingrich and his wife! Weird. Too bad I didn't invite them all together -- THAT would have made for interesting conversation...