My Favorite Liberal: Teddy Kennedy

My favorite liberal, this week anyway, is Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts.

Ted Kennedy is consistent. He never wavers from his core beliefs.  He could teach Republicans and Conservatives a thing or two.

While a lot of Republicans want to be liked and called "tolerant," Ted Kennedy doesn't care what people say or think. He sees a goal and never loses sight of it.

Whether it is on needless increases in education spending, higher taxes, class warfare against the so-called "rich," Kennedy is a consistent apostle for his beliefs. He may compromise when he doesn't have the votes, but not about his principles. He'll come back another day and frequently gets what he wants.

Not so with too many Republicans. They compromise their principles on "Big Government," on spending, and sometimes even on taxes. The reason is, they covet praise from the editorial pages of the New York Times and Washington Post.

If ideas matter, they should matter enough to fight for them, and to convince doubters that they are better than liberal ideas.

Republicans should watch Ted Kennedy, a man who believes his principles. And that's why he's My Favorite Liberal.