My Day as a Celebrity

Camera flashes, screaming, personal questions — it's not the Oscars red carpet, it was me getting a cup of coffee.

"Celeb-4-A-Day" fake paparazzi followed me around, giving a taste at life in the shutterbug lights — and it was exhausting.

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Prepped by a pre-shoot questionnaire, they shouted at me from every angle, inspiring a glaring public to do the same. Yes, even in Los Angeles!

People yelled: "Who is it?" took cell-phone pictures and followed me around. It was overwhelming. I thought it was hilarious when they asked, "Are you Ashley?" repeating the paparazzi. When I put on my best "no comment" face, one girl even jumped to my defense shouting: "Leave her alone!"

Meanwhile, I felt bad causing such a disturbance, and even ducking into a store to catch my breath was tough because they don't want the chaos, and people who didn't believe it was fake were trailing me in there, anyway! I can't imagine how stars like Britney and Paris do 20 times this everyday.

Mine, however, was only an hour so we had some laughs, struck poses and, I have to say, next time I go for my grande latte, I'm going to miss my entourage!