'Must Love Dogs' Stars Share Views on Dating

They may not be crashing any weddings, but Diane Lane (search) and John Cusack's (search) search for romance isn't exactly traditional, either.

Targeting more experienced romantics, "Must Love Dogs" (search) stars Lane as a divorced teacher who swears off dating, until her sister places an online ad.

"It is a romantic comedy, which is great fun for me and hopefully for the audience, too. I mean I got to be surrounded by amazing actors having a really good time and imparting a really good time," Lane told FOX News.

Internet dating isn't for everyone — and the cast left the set with mixed feelings about online matchmaking.

"I don't know how people do it — I'm very fascinated. I can't — I want to live vicariously through someone else who's doing it, just to see how it works and how it goes and how people advertise themselves and how honest they are and all of those questions," Lane said.

Co-star Dermot Mulroney (search) commented on the bright side of online dating. "I've given it a lot of thought lately and I've decided that it's — in all honesty it's gotta be a good thing. I'm sure you even see in the movie it even goes south on her a couple times before she gets lucky, but anyway, to help people get together has got to be good, right?"

As for Cusack, who plays Jake, a down-and-out divorcee dragged into the world of Internet dating, he prefers to do these things the old-fashioned way.

"It's weird if you can kinda hide behind a computer screen and it's better to actually face someone face to face and try to actually relate to them, maybe."

FOX News' Mike Waco contributed to this report.

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