Muslims Who Hate Extremists

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The bad news is that millions of extremist Muslims hate us. The good news is that a growing number of Muslims hate the extremists.

Stephen Schwartz of the Weekly Standard (search) recently traveled to Uzbekistan, where he met with former Islamic extremists who got fed up with the terrorist life style. One disenchanted extremist told Mr. Schwartz, “I know that Muslims live in the U.S. and enjoy the religious freedom America created. If I were to meet President Bush, I would tell him there are millions of Muslims ready to fight the terrorists.”

The Wall Street Journal recently featured a similar article about a defector from the Muslim Brotherhood, the group from which Al Qaeda was born. Mustafa Saied fell in with a bad lot who were recruiting Muslim students at the University of Tennessee.

Luckily, Mr. Saied snapped out of it before he did himself or anyone else any harm. He now lectures around the country about terrorists who claim to be acting on behalf of Islam. As Mr. Schwartz says, these defections show that Al Qaeda and its offspring are not watertight, and that cracks in the terrorist infrastructure may be growing wider.